Human Design Course

For Generators & Manifesting Generators

Human Design Course for Generators and Manifesting Generators -

Have you struggled to understand your role as a Generator or Manifesting Generator in making money and finding satisfaction in life?

You’re not alone. I’ve been there, navigating burnout, unfulfilling careers, and the search for genuine success.

You’ve read about being a Generator/MG but what does it all mean?

And how do you live your life as a Sacral Being?


  • How do you make MONEY being a Generator/MG?

  • How do you RESPOND when you have nothing to respond to?

  • How do you take care of your ENERGY so you can do what you love?

  • How do you make the right DECISIONS about your business and life?

  • How do you DECONDITION your shadows so you can attract more FUN & ABUNDANCE into your life?



Sacral Mastery for Human Design Generators & Manifesting Generators

A Three-Part, Self-Led Course through deeply embodying Sacral Wisdom for Generators & Manifesting Generators.

It’s time to BEcome who you’re meant to BE &
Unlock Your True Potential


Generator/Manifesting Generator, you have incredible SACRAL POWER.

But unless you know how to use it, you’re going to be

→ Bored
→ Frustrated
→ Burnt out

Am I right?

We all crave satisfaction, self-expression and spaciousness in our lives and business.

You know, deep in your heart, this is the way.

So, this is your invite to Know Thyself Deeper with Sacral Mastery.

What’s Included?

Part 1 focuses on demystifying the Sacral energy system. You’ll learn how to interpret Sacral signals, establish a consistent practice, and optimize decision-making.

Part 2 goes deeper into embodying Sacral authority in relationships, health, and work. Discover how to navigate life’s key areas through your unique Generator/Manifesting Generator filter.

Part 3 centres on honouring your Generator gifts in business and career. You’ll gain clarity on right-fit vocations and creating a Sacral-aligned workflow.

With practical exercises and teachings to integrate, this program provides a full experience of living as your authentic Generator/Manifesting Generator self.

Deeply know yourself, and you deeply know life.


Please note: There is a no refund policy on this product due to it being a digital product.

What's the format of the course?
How long does the course take to complete?
How do I know this is for me?
Sacral Mastery for Human Design Generators/Man Gens

Sacral Mastery for Generators/Man Gens

Unlock your inner wisdom and manifesting power with this three-part self-guided journey for Generators and Manifesting Generators.

Designed to help you deeply embody your Sacral authority, this program will guide you to tune into your body’s intuition and align with your innate genius.

Includes the Sacral Business & Money Module.

Written for a more gentle experience

Carolynne Alexander: Holistic Success Coach & Creator of The Expansion Codes

Hey, I’m Carolynne.

2/4 Emotional Generator
Over 4 years into my Human Design experiment and over 18 years as an entrepreneur.

And I’m a recovering workaholic!

I’ve been through burnout, a soul sucking corporate career, multiple businesses (many that flopped) and got paid pennies while supporting seven-figure businesses!
I’ve paid thousands to traditional success coaches and business mentors but deep down I knew there was something missing.
I was following instead of leading from a place of trust and deep knowing. Generic, old school, blueprint, surface level is not my thing. (It’s not yours either)
When I embraced my uniqueness, trusted my own energy, decided to claim my desires, my life opened up into  S P A C I O U S N E S S.