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How to be a leader… without trying.

How to be a leader without trying by Carolynne Alexander Leadership is THE buzz word right now in the online business space. There seem to be articles, podcasts and courses everywhere to learn leadership. But what is (and isn't) leadership? Can it be taught or do you...

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Stop doing shit you hate – A rant by Carolynne Alexander

STOP DOING SHIT YOU HATE A rant by Carolynne Alexander. I love it when you're completely in your zone of genius and you go from idea to execution in an hour.   This is happening more and more lately (fueled by some great music! Andy C on the Essential Mix 🤘🏻).  ...

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How NOT to run a business

How not to run a business This is a post from 2016 and believe me, I've made even more mistakes since then. I’ve had a fair few of businesses in the past and some were even successful! But I have had some clangers too 🤔   Here’s a whistle stop overview and a couple of...

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The Sixth (and final) Wave of Feminism

The sixth and final wave of feminism https://play.ht/articles/981bb2579c6c I’ve resisted writing about feminism for all my life. For reasons that are personal to me but will no doubt reveal themselves in the near future. Feminism is a touchy subject and still has the...

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