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The Entrepreneur Myth that needs to die… before you do.

From the desk of Carolynne Alexander, Málaga, Spain Date: 25th June 2020 Hola, I've just returned home after a weekend out of the city to recharge.  I'm a firm believer in recharging my mind, body and spirit with a spa day, a walk in nature and being around good...

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How to release your FULL POTENTIAL as a QUANTUM LEADER

From the desk of Carolynne Alexander, Torrox Costa, Spain Date: 28th May 2020 Hola, I'm back in the city and back to working my face off to get what I want. Ooooph, that's a bit strong there Queenie, you wanna take it easy. I've been scared of my own power since I was...

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The TEN things strong leaders do FIRST in any crisis.

Dear Leader, First of all, I hope you're in good spirits and you're adjusting ok to the changes (if any, where you are) in lockdown restrictions. Going into the crisis was frightening and adjusting to coming out of it is expected to become quite difficult too. This is...

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Why I’m creating The Intuition Deck

Why the hell am I creating this? Well, it’s very simple. People have lost their ability to tap into their inner voice and know when to trust it. Over the years of being a coach and having clients from all different backgrounds, the one thing everyone is looking for is...

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0 The Childlike Creator

0 The Childlike Creator

During lockdown, I've been tripping between the two extremes of making playful art and being uber-serious with my business. This has always been my problem. Existing on the extremes of the scale. Creating art, fashion collections, writing, going nuts on Pinterest with...

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How to pivot your business during uncertain times

First of all, let’s remind ourselves that we are entrepreneurs. We run at challenges, we’re ok with calculated risk and we thrive in uncertain times. Change brings volatility and volatility is GOOD because there is an imbalance to the system.

Imbalance = opportunity

Here’s how to pivot your business in times of uncertainty.

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