How to Recognise Your Calling

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Your calling is yours and yours alone. It may not look like anyone else’s, but rest assured, you have it because no one else can do what you do.

But how do you recognise your 1calling?

I began helping people find their calling in 2018.

Since then, I’ve guided clients to uncover their true passion & supported them in building fun AF businesses.

Here’s a secret: I consistently see the same 10 signals that you’ve found your calling.

Here’s what I’ve found:

1. It’s something you do naturally – and often you can’t see that it is your zone of genius. You may even have a blind spot that your friends see but you can’t.

2. You have a visceral reaction to the issue/problem – there is something missing, or something that needs to be done that you know you can contribute to.

3. You have a massive “ah ha” moment when you dive into your Human Design and Gene Keys. You finally feel understood and it feels like home.

4. The work gives you energy – while other activities drain you, your calling is the one that fuels you. It’s as if your energy is coming from somewhere outside of you instead of your body.

5. You feel like you stand in your power and lead others when you think about it – you take massive ownership of the issue and people naturally gather around you to hear what you have to say.

6. You have no idea how you do it – this is the magic of surrendering to the path less travelled that is yours alone. You don’t know how to take the next step but you have faith that it will reveal itself.

7. You say “who am I to…” and you shy away from the challenge – if you were fully ready for this, you’d already be doing it. It takes a fundamental change and deconditioning of who you think you are for you to truly step onto the less-travelled path of becoming… and becoming who you are meant to be is the way.

8. You’re scared – and again, if you weren’t scared, you’d already be doing it. Fear is a marker of expansion. And when you are called to expand into your greatest self, that’s when you know your calling is ready to be answered.

9. You keep looking for evidence that your calling is yours – hello?! It IS yours and it will not leave you. It’s going to follow you around and no matter how much you ignore it, it will haunt you.

10. It may not be fully formed as a movement, mission or business – and that’s okay. It gets to be revealed as you take each step. And for entrepreneurs, that’s scary as hell. Especially because you may be left-brain, logic and strategy dominant. The antidote to that is to get into a relaxed state of creativity and innovation which can be triggered by using The Intuition Deck →



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