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I have may stories. I have many occupations. I have many passions.

And when I get asked “what do you do”, I always revert back to the standard answer.

“I’m a web designer by trade but I do a whole lot more”.

Then the conversation sparks off into multiple directions which most of the time is awesome cos we get to talk about all kinds of crazy stuff.

But in a business sense, it doesn’t really work. I’m not a fan of being put in a box but when you’re in a business setting, it helps to be able to be “labeled”.

So this got me thinking…

What happens when I change the story I’m telling?

Instead of “I am”, what would happen if I said something else?

How about… I own a digital agency.

Yeah… it kinda works but it hardly gets the juices flowing!

Let’s jazz the story up a bit…

“We build online homes for creative rockstars and coaches who want to connect with their audience and convert readers into raving fans.”

(Work in progress but you get the gist!)

BOOM! How’s about that!?

And that’s not all because my story doesn’t end there…

The story I’m really telling is about a brave new world, a utopia where people want to go and believe in better.

That’s when the conversation gets really interesting because we can then talk about the future and what’s possible.

We’re Entrepreneurs (in the real sense of the word, not in douchepreneurland!).

We build the future.

It’s not about “I do” or “I am”, it’s about “I believe in…”

It becomes bigger than that. Bigger than you. Bigger than what’s even possible.

The story you tell today is not about today or your past, it’s about your future, THE future.

Change your story, change the future.

What’s your story?