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Luka Zuparic posted a great post over in the Future Marketing Facebook Group yesterday about jobs of the future.

The one that stood out was Customer Experience Officer (CXO).

We’re in a new era of business called the Relationship Economy and we’re moving towards more personalised experiences – Hyper-individuality.

Every interaction we have with our customers is about connection.

How can we connect deeper, how can we create more intimacy and ultimately more trust.

Creating great customer experiences with care and attention is a MUST not an afterthought.

Every touch point HAS to be carefully considered.

Apple Stores – Every surface, shelving unit and floor is carefully chosen to create a certain experience. They even lured the CEO of Burberry to create them.

When I walk into an Apple Store, it reaffirms my fan-girl tendencies because the experience is congruent with their products.

Mac 4 Lyf!!!

Or Virgin Trains are branded and styled from the carpet to the placemats in their red livery.

When I travel on a Virgin Train, you’re damn certain I’ll choose Virgin Atlantic for my next trip.

The experience matches the product.

So how can we do this?

??Walk through your business like a customer.

??Send yourself your email sequence and notice how you feel when you read it.

??Package up your product and send it to yourself to experiment opening it.

Tiny details matter and they matter even more today.

??We have HIGHER STANDARDS and we expect MORE of the companies we choose to spend our money with.

Will they choose yours?