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Anyone else setting some goals for 2019?

Nah, not me.

Over the last few months, I’ve been experimenting with goals and planning.

Y’know, set the goal, work backwards kinda thing?!

Well… here’s the thing.

I could plan the most audacious goals for next year and Gantt Chart the shit outta them but I’m not.

I can tell you the direction I’m going in aka My North Star.

But I couldn’t tell you today how I’m gonna get there.

Normally, I’d panic and be like “whoa, I gotta plaaaaaan something”.

This time, I know better.

✨It’s not about the plan, it’s about your curiosity✨

I’m gonna get a bit Woo on ya… hold tight…

Consider this for a second…

“I plan to make £1m in 2019.” ?


“I’m excited to learn about building a world changing company.” ?

One is a goal and the other is based on curiosity.

One is linear (read: boring) and the other is nebulous (and brings in entanglement theory ?).

But Carolynne, planning is important… how will we know what to do next?!?

✨Your muthafudging intuition/curiosity/obsession will guide you✨

*Drops mic*

Your subconscious is waaaaay more powerful than your conscious mind.

It’s like a quantum supercomputer vs a Casio Databank.

Imagine using the equivalent of a 1980s calculator to plan your life when you have HAL 9000 on your team.


Even if we did plan and pivot on a daily basis, we’re still missing the mark to introduce luck, serendipity and entanglement into the equation.

But hey, this is all a bit too Woo for some people and they need concrete plans before they act. Or maybe even you’re leading a team and they need a plan.

So let me put this to you…

As a leader, you’re heading over there.

How you get there is up to you.

You can follow a plan and feel the associated heaviness of daily plodding.

Or you can trust and enjoy the process of curiosity that will take you there faster.

(Leaders with a team… ship the how to your team ASAP!! Ok?)

Us humans love certainty and planning gives us that.

But if we plan the shit outta every second of everyday, we miss the curiosity of reading about hundreds of different subjects, taking a trip into the countryside to think, going to an art gallery for inspiration or a chance conversation with a stranger.

Humans are hardwired for novelty. We look for differences because that’s how we make sense of the world.

We looooove shiny things.

So how do we do this curiosity thang on a practical level without getting distracted?

?Ask this question… does it take me TOWARDS my North Star or further away?

You’ll feel it in your gut.

You’ll catch yourself wandering aimlessly.

You’ll remember what the hell you’re meant to be doing and it will pull you back.

You’ll also get bored, restless and feel heavy if you’re not doing what you’re meant to be doing.

Funny, huh?

Wanna get even more practical… here’s a real life example.

How did I know to build The Gentlewomen the way I did?

A five minute conversation in 2016, a curiosity about macro economics, the chance reading of one sentence in a book, my obsession with human potential, my love of female leadership… and the number one thing I talk about the most… business.

I could NOT have planned this.

I’m building this to take women on a journey of improvement and inspiration. (We’re going over there/The North Star)

But I’m also just the custodian of this too. (Curiosity of what the women want and need and building it as we go/co-creation)

Am I the human to do it?! Y’DAMN RIGHT!

Because after all… you become what you talk about the must… and my chosen subject(s)… business and human potential.

We’re all going up together.