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There’s nothing like starting a fresh new project.

The optimism, the enthusiasm, the rush of taking risks.

And when you sit down to start afresh, there’s one number that scares the shit outta me.

Zero fans on my email list.

Right now, no one said “I wanna know more”.

It’s ok, cos I’m gonna write it anyway.

Because I’m writing to my one true fan.

I know my one true fan intimately, what keeps them up at night, what their dreams are, who they aspire to lead, their biggest mission in life…

I’ve studied them for the past ten years while building their dreams pixel by pixel.

And whether I have one fan or a thousand, I’ll still write to them as if it’s a one to one conversation.

That intimacy counts in this busy world we live in.

Build the conversation from start.

Day one, zero fans.

Let’s begin.