❓What do successful CEOS, entrepreneurs and female leaders do differently?

❓What do they think?

❓What habits do they have?

❓What do they know that we don’t?

These are the questions I’ve been trying to answer for years.

You could say it’s my obsession.

But first, how did I come to write this course?

Burning the candle at both ends will burn bright but will burn out.


The short story is this… I burnt out. Many times.


Like you, I have a driven personality. I enjoy pushing myself, I have huge goals and I want to win. It’s that simple.


When I start working, I WORK.


I’m either all ON or feeling like I’m slacking!


Over the years, this has got me into trouble. Burning out over and over again, not taking time off for holidays to recharge, my health and relationships suffering.


I like sprinting really fast into new projects. I can’t do routine, I’m terrible at consistency and if my days get too samey, I have a little freak out!


This isn’t only bad for you, your family, your team, your relationships and ultimately, your business will suffer.


So what did I do? I knuckled down and figured it all out.


How I can work hard, get the right stuff done, pull the big levers in my business to get big results, take time off when I want, get my health on top form AND built stronger relationships with the people I love.

It took me years to figure out this one fact…

Have you seen the photos of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos take a few years apart?

When their business took off, they started looking after themselves. Not just with exercise but looking after themselves holistically.

Or look at Arianna Huffington, it took smashing her face against her bath for her to realise she was burning out.

Burn out and exhaustion isn’t something that only rockstars and Fortune 500 CEOs suffer from, it’s real and it’s probably happening in your life right now.

Here’s the BIG PROBLEM WE FACE as Women in Business.

No amount of people working with you or for you will ever make this any easier, you are the choke point of your business.

Not operationally, but energetically.

Operations and systems can be created to remove you as the bottleneck but for you to stay focused and driving the business forward, you need to look after yourself better.

When was the last time you checked in with yourself?

Like, really checked in and didn't reach for another beer or glass of wine after a hard day at work to numb the pain.


News flash, they’re all hard days and when you’re an entrepreneur, they keep on getting harder.


You’re doing this alone. You need to keep after yourself. If you have a team, you need to look after yourself so you can stay in your zone of genius. You are being paid to create new business models and new revenue streams. There is no glory in suffering.


And there is no happiness in grinding.


You think you can keep on pushing but deep down, you know you can’t. Just this last contract, this last contract, this last push for the next financial goal. It doesn’t work like that.


“What I discovered has taken me the last sixteen years to bring together as a transformation that WORKS. No, not another course where you learn something. Knowing, doing and being are different things. This is something I have tested on myself and the results are what you see right now. A human with masses of energy, a business that’s growing, a network of other humans to support me, a body that works, a mind that’s strong and the appreciation of being alive, Truly alive.”

— Carolynne Alexander

The secret they don’t want to tell you.

I’ll let you into a secret… the world around you doesn’t want you to win.

The world isn’t set up for your success. It’s there to make you feel better… but only for a little while.

I figured this out early in my personal development journey and when I did, everything changed for me. When you look behind everything that’s around you, it’s there to take you off track.

Every message, every advert, every thing you see, is there to make you feel better immediately at the expense of long term dreams.

We’re going to use a technique that will set you up to win and ensure you’re owning your world, not the world owning you.

They are trying to ban this thousand year old technique!

There’s something else that’s working against you 24/7/365 and when you tame it, you’ll be a fricken superhero.

This is the go-to thing that makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Seriously, this is THE KEY to success. I’m not gonna bang on about it, I’ll let you discover this for yourself.

It’s so powerful that they are trying to ban this practice in schools in America.

The four letter word everyone uses that we all hate.

It doesn’t take me to highlight the stress we feel in daily life. It’s insidious and a dirty secret we all have. Stress is a killer and this four-letter word is the root of all the pain.




We’re busy and we’re wearing busy like a badge of honour.


Busy isn’t something that CEOs preach about.


Warren Buffet deliberately schedules in time to think and read.


The CEOs I’ve studied watch more Netflix than work and still pull in million dollar contracts.


Busy is stressful. Stress is a killer.


Think about it.


Wouldn’t it be better if we had a movement of chilled out entrepreneurs coming from a place of strength, love and bliss, not stress, busy, weakness, fear and pain?

What's what I'm offering you right now.

A way to level up because you owe it to yourself, your team and your business.

The most important thing in the world to you is…

Your Family

The folks that love and sustain you when you need them. But wouldn’t it be better if you sustained them? Take them on a trip away once in a while, spend extended time with them and not just an afternoon. Or even… that time you snapped at them could be the last time you do that. They’re just as stressed as you. Yup, the vibe you have transfers to them. (It’s called Limbic Resonance, Google it.)

Your Colleagues

The people who stand shoulder to shoulder with you every day in your business. your comrades, your direct reports, the ones who believe in you and the mission you are on. The ones who don’t do it for the money. The ones who stay back at the end of the day and give you their all.

Your Friends

They have no idea what you do but they know you’re always up for a few beers that turn into an all-nighter cos you just want to escape. They don’t encourage you, you encourage them because it’s easier to make the excuse of “I’m only going out for a few” then you go “out out” when you see them.

Your Customers

They’re relying on you just as much as anyone. you’re creating something that wasn’t there before. You created something they want to buy into. A promise you made to them that needs to be paid back every day. They’re giving you their hard earned cash for you to solve a problem. think about it, they turn to you to lead them out of pain and into pleasure. that’s a big enough responsibility to scare and stress anyone but you’re doing it. 


You owe it to the world we live in.

Yup, you have a place here that’s important. Strip away the business, the family, the things you have and you have a place in this world. You’re making the world a better place by just being here.


It’s hard to believe and appreciate when all you want is for the pain and stress to stop. I’ve been there. It’s the worst pain in the world.


Some people don’t make it. They don’t see the difference they’re making across the world. Not just through their business. One conversation, one smile, one tiny compliment or a door held open, a thank you.


That’s what makes a difference to people. YOU make that difference to people.

Having a “full cup” is what makes the biggest difference in the world.


Having the resilience to give every day when the world seems like it doesn’t care. Be that person who has endless depths of resilience to keep on smiling and giving when the world seems harsh and no one cares. Being able to “see” someone is the greatest gift you can give anyone.


As entrepreneurs, we get to choose.


We get to choose the hard way or our way. The old way is to push, the fight, to grind. The way you want is ease, being not doing, flowing with the current not fighting it at every step.

It starts with you.

Your inner game. It takes a pretty special human to take a critical look at themselves to admit they need to level up their inner game. This is what sets the successful apart from the crowd. The more aware you can be, the more you can level up.


What Entrepreneur’s don’t show you.

I’ve been in a very privileged position to see behind the scenes of some great business leaders. Their daily routines, their business game plans, their leadership style. As a human, you can sense who is going to succeed and who will burn bright and burn out. You see them working their face off, produce so much then disappear only to come back and say they’re “baaaaaack”.


They’re in it for the next big launch then fall off the face of the earth… that’s not sustainable.


The difference between this program and every other course out there.

This is tailor-made for female entrepreneurs who have real lives, real commitments and real big goals to achieve and they need some help to reach them.

We have all tried to force ourselves to work. We’ve all hit a brick wall at some point in the day and found we just can’t seem to get the work done.

We’ve built in something that no other course does because we know what female entrepreneurs need.

We call it our “Daily ‘Doros”.

Once a day, we (yes, WE) all meet up virtually to get sh!t done.

We encourage you to turn up, show up and do the work in our daily working sessions throughout the program.

This shows you one of the best techniques out there to get the right work done without stress, tiredness or busyness.

The power of accountability AND community.

No other program gives you that and that’s why this has been especially designed with female entrepreneurs in mind. We thrive in communities.

It’s ok to fail, no really!

This isn’t a super disciplined course, this isn’t a course where we rely on will-power, this isn’t a bunch of habits you start and forget after three days.


Here’s the science… you’re already enough but we all know we could tweak a few things and these few things make ALL the difference.


Small levers in the right place make the biggest difference. Every time I feel like I’m falling behind or I need a boost, I dig this out and get myself into a better place immediately.


This isn’t a bunch of habits and checklists to fill in, It goes deeper than that. It’s a fundamental change in who you are, how you see yourself, who you are becoming.

Why now?

Are you ready to level-up?

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be rewriting and revamping the course. I’ll also be putting myself through the course to level up for the next part of my business journey. I’d love you to join me.


I’m doing this for my own accountability too because we know that going up together is the way to make big changes.


This won’t be a heavy course where you’re doing hours of work, this is more about ah ha moments, focusing on you and levelling up without piling more “work” on you.


Look, we’re all really busy but the one thing that’s I have ALWAYS made time for is personal development. It’s the linchpin to everything. It’s what I’ve used to get rid of my crazy anxiety, it’s saved my relationships, it’s grown me as a human, I’m more energised and on top of all that… when I’m ON IT, I make more progress in my business and progress means money 🙌🏻


I’m gonna be honest with you. I fall off the wagon once in a while but each time I get back in, it’s easier.


We are a work in progress and each time we decide to take a step towards levelling up, we’re letting go of bad habits and creating space for new opportunities. This is why I’m revisiting this course and it’s my signature course that I repeat every year.You may or may not know I wrote a course on this last year. But I want to take it further and make it specific for female entrepreneurs. We’re gonna work on YOU and levelling YOU up.


In the 16 years I’ve been into personal development, I’ve learnt that we’re never the finished article. If you’ve tried courses in the past that didn’t quite work, that’s because of you. That’s not me being harsh, it’s the truth. Why? Because we’re HUMAN. We try and we learn. We don’t ever fail. We learn and level up. We pause for a while then we go again. We always learn something.

What IS sustainable is cultivating this one habit.

We’re never the finished article and courses that promise that are BS. We’re all about incremental improvements. That’s why this course runs every year. It’s me saying “let’s go again” not “let’s do this once and for all”.


We all know what we should be doing but we don’t. I’ve figured out the reasons why and some will blow your mind. Once you know why you do things, you’ll strengthen the muscle to keep striving to level up. Each day will be a practice to be better.


Does Beyoncé have “off days”? Hell yeah she does but she’s built a system around her so she has more days ON IT than off… and hiding in bed with Netflix and ice cream.


The system is what keeps you on track and I can show you how. Some of the things in this course will be so simple, you’ll wonder why you don’t do them and that’s the key. Simple things make the biggest difference.


SO why don’t we do them?


Sound like something you want to do?


Level up, smash your anxiety, be more productive, own your world, tame the beast that’s fighting against you and learn the skills that stay with your for life so you can always level up.


I will be with you every step of the way to answer your questions and hold your hand. I’ll give you all the tools you need and go through this with you.


I’ve spent thousands on my personal development, spent years of my life figuring this out and tested everything on myself. This shit works. When I don’t do it, things go South pretty quickly! That’s why I do this every year.


You owe it to yourself, your family and your business to be the best human you can be.

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