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The online/offline Mastermind for disruptive women in business.

For Founders, Startups & Leaders

It’s a club for women like you who want to make bolder decisions and have a bigger impact in the world.

It’s a club where we champion and cheerlead women to become who they’re meant to me.

It’s a club where money, connections and influence aren’t dirty words because with more money, connections and influence we can go on to do greater things.

It’s a club where support and accountability are baked in and come as standard.

It’s a club where we take our mission seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously.

1:1 Mentoring

Three-months of Mentoring on a one-to-one basis to level you up.

The perfect package for women who have a huge opportunity who want to really create change in their business and their life.


Five Days to Reinvention

Five days to releasing your full potential delivered to you each day for you to level up.

Remember, we’re all going up together

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