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Today, I’m building a basic membership site for an up and coming company and one of the first moves they are making is building their membership site outside of Facebook along with a FB Group.

Here’s why…

1). Dealing with information –

Humans deal with information by chunking down large pieces into smaller parts. Too much information or choice makes your head explode.

Between seven and nine options in a navigation system is the optimum amount that we can make sense of.

Now, Facebook is a stream, not a navigation tree. We can’t break down the large pieces of information into a system that makes sense and it’s Goddamn annoying to scroll back through months of posts to find the info you need.

A website can have a hierarchy that can be ordered. More order means more engagement, more engagement means happier users and happier users means more retention and more income per month.

2). Distractions

Why do you check your FB? Waste time, stalk your ex…? Notifications are popping up to tell us who’s liked our latest selfie…

Traditionally, we’re on FB to connect with other humans and it’s set up to keep you engaged to keep you on the site longer.

FB Groups are usually dispensing information so you can learn something. This takes concentration and distractions are fighting for your attention.

A website doesn’t have distractions (unless you have annoying popups!) and visiting a website is more intentional. You are investing your time and attention more intently and therefore concentration will be higher.

More learning, more value given, more retention…you get the picture…

3). If it breaks or you get locked out…

Ok, I’m biased cos my trade is web design but I also used to be an Operations Manager and risk is part of what I managed.

The risk of losing months of years of FB live videos or thousands of posts would be the death of a business.

AND how about all those users?

? Set up your FB Group to have a free download for your users to join your email list!

All it takes is someone to report your Group or hack it and it’s goodnight Vienna for your monthly income.

4). Look pro and use it for marketing, doh!

Even if you’re not actively driving traffic to your site, people will Google you and your business.

— — — 
It’s not hard to set up a website these days and it’s absolutely worth it if you’re charging for your FB Group.


? with add on.

?Wordpress with Paid Membership Pro Plugin

Questions? Fire them in the comments below ☺️