Why I’m creating The Intuition Deck

by | The Intuition Deck Updates

Why I’m creating The Intuition Deck

The Intuition Deck Updates

Why the hell am I creating this? Well, it’s very simple.

People have lost their ability to tap into their inner voice and know when to trust it.

Over the years of being a coach and having clients from all different backgrounds, the one thing everyone is looking for is answers.

What’s gonna give me everything I want?
How do I make this happen?
What am I actually doing with my life?

In the world today, there is more information and knowledge being collected and passed on than ever before. We don’t have to remember anything because we have Google in our pocket. We can ask Siri “how do I make an omelette?” instead of breaking some eggs and experimenting.

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It’s sad really. Humans have a whole network of intuition sensing and thinking apparatus that’s not being used.

What we don’t use, eventually atrophies and dies.

The result is confusion. Mass confusion to what we’re meant to be doing and what we’re here to do as humans and creators.

It’s far too easy to endlessly scroll than sit with yourself for a moment and think.

One of my favourite quotes is this…

“All of humanity’s problems, stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.”
— Blaise Pascal 1654

Back in 1654, humans had exactly the same problems as we do today. A complete inability to sit there and “be”.

That’s why I created The Intuition Deck, as an antidote and ritual practice to get back in touch and strengthen our ability to listen and truly hear our intuition speak to us.

Primarily, it is created to be an offline, physical deck of cards that can be used as journalling prompts to tap into our intuition.

It’s based on a number of ancient and spiritual practices such as tradition tarot reading, Hermetic Philosophies, Moon Cycles and teaming them with modern day and scientific research such as Carl Jung’s archetypes, Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey and quantum mechanics.

I am NOT messing about with this!

What it isn’t… Fortune telling so if anyone has anything to say about that, come at me and I’ll put you right.

What it can be used for.

Ah, here’s the magic.


Your intuition is ALWAYS speaking to you.

During the good times and the stressful times. It is always nudging you towards your highest good.

However, to deliberately listen and to take notice is a life-long practice that most people aren’t willing to strive for. It’s easier to pick up another book to hire another teacher to give them the answers. The shortcuts. The blueprint of “if I do X, I’ll get Y.”

We all know that doesn’t work.

We all have our own journey to go on in life. It is completely unique to us. We’re here for a specific reason and mission.

By tapping into our intuition, we get to go on that journey for US and no one else.

We’ll be living our purpose and fulfilling our dreams.

Who is this Deck for?

If I said everyone, I’d be only telling you half a truth.

If this deck was in the hands of everyone on Earth, 99.99% of the population wouldn’t use it, get it or understand it. The big reason why is that most people aren’t ready to sit with themselves for a moment and be.

  • The prerequisite of owning this deck is to understand a few things.
  • You have a journalling practice or you’re wanting to start so you can record your notes.
  • You must be ready to surrender and take note to what comes up when you pull the cards.

All seems a little intense, doesn’t it?

Well, to someone who has some kinda writing or meditation ritual, this is easy. If you don’t, now is the perfect time to start.

Along with The Intuition Deck, there is a bunch of online resources on how to learn how to journal effectively and start your meditation practice. In fact, you can use these even without the deck.

YOU CAN SIGN UP for resources and get into the habit of journaling and meditation before the deck is available.

If you can’t wait until the Deck is ready to be purchased then you can join me on Patreon. This is where I’m sharing the cards and journal prompts as I build the deck, give you behind the scenes access to what’s going on, the stories and the investigation in to all aspects of intuition.

Each and every month (on the New Moon, of course), I release a new set of Intuition Deck journalling prompts to kick off your month with intention.

These are exclusive to the Inner Circle and won’t be available until the release of the Deck later this year.
They make up a reading for the month ahead for you to journal on and train your intuition.
The Intuition Deck is part of the Quantum Leaders Programme and because you’re part of the Inner Circle, you get access to;
The Presence Planner Course
Deep Journalling & Intuition Prompts eBook
And my Inner Circle Museletter – a love letter from my intuition to yours
Not only that but you can get a personal and private 1:1 Intuition Reading for the month ahead on the New Moon and Full Moon if you upgrade your membership.
Also, I’ll be adding in some extra goodies and behind the scenes updates if you download the Patreon app.
Big love & good vibes,
Queenie xx

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