what to do when you’re having a freak out about your business

by Carolynne Alexander

It happens to us all. But what separates the 1% of winners from the ones that tried and gave up are these eight things that will power you through the downtimes.
Let’s get one thing out in the open. Entrepreneurship is hard. The glitzy and glamorous lifestyle that you see on Instagram is pure BS.
It’s difficult. You’re in the trenches every day, no-one is buying your product/service, the numbers don’t add up and you want to hide.
I’m here to tell you that it’s ok.
No really, you’re experiencing something that every real entrepreneur goes through, congratulations. However, what separates the triers with the winners is how they deal with the downtimes like these and build up their resilience.
Let’s get you out of your funk.
1. You’re not gonna die so sit with the feeling.
Yup, you’re being a human right now.
Feelings and emotions are going to get you sometimes and you have to allow yourself to have them. You are a human first and entrepreneur second so you can’t fight the urge to feel something when it creeps up. The trick here is to allow it, acknowledge it and then move through it without staying in it.
Feelings and emotions are challenging little bastards and your body is screaming at you to get a hug, cry, take a nap, drink some water. Take a moment do those things BUT with the view to get through it and not make it become you.
I feel sad is better than saying I am sad. Acknowledge it and move through it.
2. Take care of your body first.
Again, this is a human thing.
We’re programmed to survive, not be concerned with spreadsheets and social media updates. They’re not important when you’re having a meltdown.
What IS important is giving your body what it needs, when it needs it and it’s highly likely that it needs something right now.
Start with water. Hydration is so important. A slight dip in hydration can cause all kinds of confusion in your noggin so honour it by drinking a glass of water. It will take a moment or two to create change in your physiology but it’s on the way. While you’re waiting for the magic to happen, move about.
Sitting in the same position is keeping you in the same state. This is a BIG one for the Tony Robbins fans out there and it’s true. Sat at your desk, hunched over, frowning is going to make you feel like crap.
Stand up, gently stretch, walk about. That’s all it takes. Simple, huh?
3. Ask for help.
Ugh, asking for help is a hard one.
No-one wants to look vulnerable or weak, especially amongst friends who don’t really get what you’re doing. But do it! Ask for a small thing like “can you send me some good vibes, I’m having a rough day”. That can make all the difference.
If you have business buddies (you can join our gang here), then message them. Call in the big guns because that’s what they’re there for. I have a marketing wizard and a mind guru on standby at all times. They’re my best friends who I met through The GW so I know they’re gonna be able to help.
This is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT things when you’re a woman in business. Your network of people you can call on is the most valuable thing you have.
4. Get grateful and offer encouragement to others.
This is a sneaky brain trick that I love.
Humans love to help people. When we help others, we get a lovely shot of dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin. Yup, a cocktail of happiness hormones.
It kickstarts you into feeling better.
Here’s how. Open your favourite messaging app, choose someone you’d like to send some encouragement to and send when some good vibes.
Extra points if you send a Bonjoro to them. Video messages are incredible to receive.
If you’re stuck for what to say, here are a few ideas.
“Hey, I saw your post the other day, so good. You’re killing it! Big love xx”
“Hola, wanted to say I appreciate you. Keep doing what you do.”
“Mate, loved spending time with you the other day. You’re a goodun.”
“Hey <customer’s name>, wanted to say thanks for sticking with us for the past few months. I appreciate it.”
Make it honest, sincere and personal. Send then with zero expectation to get anything back. This isn’t about you, it’s about giving something to someone else. That’s the magic. Plus, the more you send, the more happiness hormones you get. You’re strengthening your network at the same time so it’s a win-win-win.
5. Listen to people you trust to get back on track.
When we’re in the middle of a crisis, we want someone else to come in and save us. Civilians (non-entrepreneurs) are great humans to ask for help however, they’re not going through what you’re going through right now.
My family are supportive but talking business is a no-no, mainly because they want to help so bad that they want to just take the pain away. Thanks, Mum xx
However, they aren’t your people when you’re having a business meltdown. I promise. Their good intentions are great however, you need other entrepreneurs to give you advice who you trust.
Marketing wizards are better at figuring out your leaky funnel than your Mum. The GW ladies are great at this.
If you have asked for help from people you trust then honour the advice and USE IT. No-one wants to invest time in something they do for a living and for it to go to waste. The energy they give you must be honoured, ok?
6. Fill up your cup.
Now you’re back on track and starting to feel better, now is the time to ensure you don’t have another meltdown. We call this “filling up your cup”.
We can’t work 24/7. FACT. We must spend time doing things we love with people who we care about. It can be a hobby, a walk in nature, a crazy night out, reading trashy fiction, cooking good food. Whatever you choose, decide to do it, put it in your diary and make it happen.
My favourite things are spending time with my loved ones, deep conversations and going out dancing. If I don’t do these at least weekly, I get sad.
Please, take time to fill up your cup. You are the prize.
7. Push things forward, for love.
Do one thing to push your business forward and do it because you love it, not for the sale or results. Get back to basics to why you started and do something you love doing for your customers. This is where you need to fall back in love with your craft and why you started your business.
If you start to resent your business then it’s game over.
I know there’s all the talk about being Stoic and just #dothething but too much grinding can harm your business not push it forward.
Fall back in love with your business as soon as you feel up to taking action again. Do it with love, do it for the love.
And finally, the one we all forget.
8. REST!
Rest is the multiplier of everything.
I know we’re all on deadlines but the grind can seriously burn you out.
When I had my mini-meltdown last week, I took the night off, read a book and went to bed early. Hey presto, woke up the next day full of fire and ready to start work again.
Rest is magic and the science of sleep is only just discovering the wonders of rest. Take a nap, sleep go to bed early, turn off your alarm. Whatever you do, rest properly. No scrolling, no reading, no people.
The first rule of The GW is YOU FIRST because you are the prize. Everything in your business comes from you. If you’re not performing, the rest of your business won’t perform either, even if you have a team. They’ll be able to sense it so you do you. Rest and come back stronger.
Save this article for when times get tough and if you’re really in a funk, ask for help immediately.
You’ve got this 👊🏻💥
We’re all going up together,

Carolynne Alexander

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