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What got you here won’t get you any further.

That’s the case for business and in life.
And while everyone else is looking at their personal New Year’s resolutions, here are the TEN BUSINESS TRENDS that The Advancement are taking on this year.

I’ve structured this in a way so you can implement these in your business and your life FAST to get ahead of the curve. I’d love to know if you’ve implemented any of these and how it changed your business and your life.


As with everything, it starts with YOU so self-care and recuperation are the first on the list. We’re seeing more and more messages from top entrepreneurs and leaders putting self-care FIRST and rejecting the hustle mentality.

We’re being tricked into doing 80 hours weeks as if it’s the norm for entrepreneurs. Unless you want to scale fast (it’s not easy and very demanding) then it’s perfectly ok to go at a slower speed. It’s OK to go slow!

We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our ‘to-do list

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama puts to so elegantly and simply with her quote above. Morning routines for entrepreneurs are vital. Starting your day YOUR way instead of following someone else’s timetable has been the biggest positive influence for me in 2018. This includes mediation as part of my first hour of the day.


  • Checking in with yourself throughout the day is super important. ask yourself how you feel. A sure-fire way of knowing you’re getting tired is reaching for your phone instead of working. It’s the easiest thing to do to procrastinate so ask yourself how you feel. Energised or tired. Energised = you’re procrastinating, get to work! Tired = Stop working.
  • Knowing yourself and when you feel tired. Stop when you’re tired not when you’re exhausted. We think we can push ourselves just a little bit more but that’s the time we need to stop. Even for half an hour to take a break. You’ll come back stronger afterward. Promise.


No-one ever wants to admit they’re lonely however, it’s slowing being talked about in the media and being seen as being the “one of the largest health concerns we face”. The Co-op and the British Red Cross found that over 9 million people in the UK across all adult ages are either always or often lonely. Read that again, that’s a frightening statistic.

It was one of the BIG REASONS why The Gentlewomen was started. Being lonely is bad and entrepreneur loneliness is even harder. Being misunderstood and being outside of civilian life is horrible! Working online makes you forget how to talk to people lol!

How to solve the problem, community.


  • Create a community around your product, service or shop brings people together and grows community spirit. This is more about what to do in your business but it can 100% build a network of people who will become your friends too. Win-win!
  • Facebook Groups may be old hat in the marketing space right now but Facebook are pushing these more this year. Think about creating a group for your brand, your fans, meet ups.


These are not nice to have, they’re essential. 

People have higher standards and the one way to take care of them is to be empathetic in the moment. It’s not just about reading a script or one size fits all, it’s about seeing and understanding each interaction with each and every customer. Plus it’s a refreshing change to the negativity and masculine energy going on in the world today. Leaders who show compassion and social intelligence will score higher on polls.


  • Meditation – This has been a game-changer for me in the last 12 months. I was dabbling but I’ve stepped it up and the benefits have been extraordinary.
  • If you’re working on your presence and empathy, then you’re halfway there. Work open ways to show more compassion, give more space and listen to your customers. 


In person events will be more valuable as we’re spending more and more time online and so are your customers. This is very closely linked to the loneliness and once you have the community, take it offline and create an experience around your business.
People want the vibes and the friendships, not just to be loosely connected on social media. What is connection anyway? It’s hard to get the feel of someone’s vibe until you meet them. Vibes don’t lie. 


  • Create experiences like meetups and free event nights. Even if it’s a few people, the vibes, time and space you share is worth more then a message sent online.
  • The better the experience, the more it’s talked about. Make every interaction thoughtful and convey your values. People remember how you make them feel longer than seeing a post on Instagram


When was the last time you received a letter in the post from a friend? Or even a proper Christmas card? Yup, we’re talking about the return of offline/physical “things”. 

We’re exhausted by intangibles and the throwaway nature of digital that we’re going back to offline goods. Paper newsletters, thank you cards, ‘zines (remember those?) and writing letters are all making a come back. Not only that but we tend to value them so much more.  I have a newsletter from a business coach from 2017 that I keep on referring back to even to this day. 


  • Write letters, send postcards, start a ‘zine. These are all very lo-fi and cheap ways of talking to your customers. They’re not as convenient as doing the digital thing but hey, that’s why we love them. The care and attention they show from a business is massive.
  • Give away small gifts. Notebook, stickers, pens… anything that’s physical that can hang around longer than a status update!

So, that’s part one and part two will be coming up soon.