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I thought we’d depart from the normal tutorials and give you a bit of realness. And some writing prompts.

  • I write — No webinars.
  • I take photos — Videos aren’t my thing, yet.
  • I can build you a stunner of a website and I know all the shit to make things sell if you want a hand.
  • I’m not a fan of social media unless I’m in the moment. Buffer makes me cringe a little bit.
  • I’d like to think that “love me or leave me alone” is my mantra but “buy my shit” is more me at the moment… And I hate it.
  • I hate following the crowd and my Instagram post on turning on notifications makes me feel bad. I may delete it. UPDATE — I did delete it.
  • The ‘likes’ (appreciation) I get when I write something mean the most, especially on Medium cos they’re are real people.
  • I want to spend my life writing about stuff and helping people. I wanna sell some shit along the way too.
  • Right now, I’m playing small with all this business crap and really, I should be in a boardroom calling the shots.
  • I have so much wisdom that it hurts to be a human sometimes because I just want to whisper in your ear… “Do it this way… It will hurt a lot less and you’ll get there faster.” But wisdom is learnt and not taught. Ho hum.
  • I’d rather be writing and building my empire than sitting and watching TV.
  • I know more than I could possibly share. You should just ask me questions… Snapchat idea?! Hit me up ?
  • I feel like I’m wasting my time.
  • If I had a Facebook ad, it would say “read this for instant good feels and inspiration/motivation to change your life.”
  • I can be serious and really out there at the same time. Ok, not at the same time but in one night… With booze.
  • My favourite thing is talking to people and listening to what they have to say.
  • I’m really fucking curious about life and people and business.
  • I swear a bit but fuck you if you don’t like it.
  • I love humans but I can hate them so much sometimes.
  • I see the lies people tell and I want to shake them. I want the fucking truth in my face every day so I can be better.
  • I want to be a success… My idea of success is living each day how you want it for about 90% of the time. The other 10% is crap you gotta do. Like be nice to people who do your head in.
  • I’d love to hang out with Gary Vee cos he knows himself more than most. Realness is sexy.
  • I’d love to date Henry Cavill cos he looks like a whole bag of fun. I’d defo steal his Clark Kent glasses for my “Stolen Glasses Series”!
  • I want to be sat by the pool of a big white villa with six figures in the bank after my latest offering had been welcomed with open arms by my 1,000 fans. I don’t want much. I just want that.

How the hell will I do it? 
Cue self-doubt… it’s 4am after all…

  • I see work as something I love. Crafting and chipping away at me, my business, my voice, my life… To reveal Michelangelo’s David.
  • I always feel like I never give my all because my all is scary.
  • I’m not a fan of the “all singing, all dancing” way of selling. I love the honesty of asking for the sale through by solving a problem.
  • I feel that I’m holding myself back from being all in because I’m not sure who I am and I might change my mind about stuff.
  • If I’m honest, will I lose the sale? If I niche too much, will I lose the sale? If I don’t do webinars… You get the picture.
  • I know my writing is good. I know I have value. I know that I can solve endless problems. I know everything except myself.
  • I have the personality type of Margaret Thatcher, Steve Jobs and Hitler. ENTJ. YIKES!
  • If I turn it on, will people hate me?
  • If I tell the truth, will people hate me?
  • I feel awesome when I let it all out.
  • I feel shit when I write technical documents without injecting my personality.
  • I feel hurt when people don’t act on what I say. I need to find the people who will pay me to beat them up and they come back for more.
  • I want my Snapchat story to be a mix of hustle and champagne. Cos they both taste so fucking good.
  • Winning is beating myself. Cos I know I did it all.
  • I want to bring the thunder.
  • I want to change my life faster.
  • I want to flip the bird at losers who have excuses.
  • I have compassion but I don’t have compassion for people who have excuses.
  • I’m a contrarian/rebel cos I want to break the rules to make things better.
  • Doug Casey is a dude I’d love to have a beer with.
  • I’d love to focus on the Pros but also heckle at the slowest movers too.
  • Who the hell is my audience? Who am I writing for?

Shit — There’s my 6am alarm.
Where’s the coffee?

  • I just want 1,000 fans to pay me what I’m worth to them.
  • I want to be that chick who takes you to one side and whispers “you’ve got this and here’s how”.

OVERALL — We’re living in the greatest time of history and your life cos if you’re reading this then this works. 
Go and build a website, add a blog to it, add a sales page and hustle. Sell your voice. Sell your art. Sell everything except your soul. Cos that shit is sacred and if it feels wrong then you’ve gotta listen.

To make this a little more useful (cos that’s what I’m about), I bolded (is that a word?) some writing prompts for when you wake up at 4am and your brain is buzzing.

I would LOVE it if you used them and sent me a link so I could read more about you.

Big up to you and remember — WE ALL GO UP TOGETHER.
Much love,

PS. Internet, do your worst cos I don’t give a funk about your opinion. Brene Brown/Theodore Roosevelt said it better —

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