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Here’s a little confession for you — I love sleeping. No really, I freaking LOVE sleeping.

When I was a kid, I was woken up every day by my parents with a wet flannel if I didn’t get out of bed. I hated the thought of it but I stayed in bed until I was having my face washed with a cold as fook flannel. Thanks Mum!

Ever since then, I get grumpy if anyone wakes me up.

Earlier this year, I set myself the challenge of waking up with the sun when it was rising at about 6–7am and I set my alarm for a minute before so I could (technically) be up before the sun… WINNING! I’m such a saddo!

I was able to get up early but the tiredness absolutely killed me. I went to bed at 9pm to catch up on my sleep but I was still so tired.

Cue grumpy Carolynne.

Then I realised that it wasn’t sleep that I loved, it was the feeling of being tired that pissed me off.

Being tired is my nemesis. I get ratty, my performance drops, I feel like shit. Hence the massive grumps when I got woken up!

At the moment, I’ve got a few things going on and I’ve just gotta get outta bed and freaking do them. So this week, I pushed my body to get up early and go to bed late for a few days in a row just to feel how uncomfortable being tired was and to see if I could handle it.

News flash — IT DIDN’T KILL ME!!!

Instead, I prepared myself to feel ropey and be on my best behaviour = Zero grumps.

I’m not telling you to try and hack your sleep patterns, I’m encouraging you to examine your uncomfortable feelings.

Think about those uncomfortable feelings where you have to have a big conversation, when you ask for the sale or when you say hi to that hot human you’ve been eyeing up.

If you get to the root of the feeling then you can identify it and prepare for it.

We all hear about comfort zones and all that but what exactly does it mean to push passed it? How does it feel to pick up the phone and make that call you don’t wanna make?

Your body is gonna be freaking out but if you know it’s going to happen, you can prepare for it. You can outwit your body’s reaction by being aware of the feeling, acknowledging it and then getting back to being awesome!

Your comfort zone is there to stop you for doing daft shit.

It’s a warning to say STOP but if we want to push further then we have to get over the feelings of being uncomfortable.

Now, I’m starting to get a little bit of a dare devil with my feelings. I’m starting to just barrel through feeling weird and do scary shit. I’ve worked out that feelings can’t kill me.

How powerful is that?!?! No really, that’s real power right here.

So this is my challenge for you this week — 
Find a small thing you’re scared of and do it.

Be aware of the feeling you’re experiencing when you do it, acknowledge it then ignore it cos it can’t freaking kill you. Then go out and do something bigger. Build on it every day. Once you have complete command of your feelings then you really are unstoppable.

Please, go try it and let me know how it goes. Ask out the boy you like, make the sales call, hack your sleep/tiredness. You’ll feel like a super human and you’ll never wanna go back.

Have a wicked Sunday and go be awesome.

Much love,

P.S. If you did go out and did something scary then let me know x

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 As a recovering Fortune 500 employee, she realised that “business as usual” was killing her soul so she flipped the bird, moon-walked outta there, and went back to building stuff.
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