The SECRET to how BOLD LEADERS are showing up every day to SUCCEED

by | Business Strategy, Leadership, Mindset, Self-Care, Self-care & High Performance

The SECRET to how BOLD LEADERS are showing up every day to SUCCEED

Business Strategy, Leadership, Mindset, Self-Care, Self-care & High Performance

From the desk of Carolynne Alexander.

Date: 21st May 2020


How are things with you? I’m super excited to announce that almost all of Spain are into phase 1 (sorry Madrid and Barca) and there is an optimistic mood in the air.


Yesterday saw the first day of some bars and shops opening and it was amazing to have my first (non-alcohol) beer in the sun with friends.

I also got sunburnt in the process.

It got me thinking… I’ve not been sunburnt for the nine weeks of being in lockdown and then the first day I’m out… I’m burnt! 

What changed?

My environment and routine.

So it prompted me to write about what Quantum Leaders are doing when we leave lockdown.


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And busting some myths of what meditation ISN’T!

For me, lockdown has been bliss. 

Very little noise and distraction.

Time to just be and strengthen my daily routine.

My habits are so locked in right now, I’m creating time and space to really drop into being and create.

However, I know when I leave the beach house and return back to Málaga, it is going to be a whole different story.

Distraction EVERYWHERE!

And the antidote to distraction and overwhelm? Quieting the mind to think clearly.

How? Good old meditation practice. 

If you have tried to meditate before and failed… you’re not the only one.

1. It is a practice that takes time however, there is no one way of doing it.

Don’t let the gurus fool you into thinking that their way is the only way.

Don’t think that you have to do it for 20 minutes on a cushion at a certain time of day.

Hell, I’ve meditated on the tube in London and halfway up a mountain to stop me having a panic attack!

Leaders can do it in a stressful meeting, before a speaking gig, even when you are craving food.

Quieting the mind can be done everywhere.

2. It isn’t easy, it’s hard for everyone.

It takes time and discipline to be able to drop into mediation and the deep gamma waves. It has taken me 20 years of practice to get there but it is worth it.

One second of meditation is better than none.

The best way is to start and forgive yourself for not being a guru after ten minutes.

Leaders go for practised mastery, not perfection.

3. You can’t find the time.

Ha, I love this myth. 

When do you need meditation the most?

When you’re in bed and wanting to drop off to sleep.

THAT is when I do it. Because I either get some blissed-out experience or I fall asleep.

That’s a win either way! 

I’m also a BIG FAN of naps. I nap/meditate once or twice I week and use that time to get deep into my mind and tap into my intuition for answers.

If you don’t have the time, schedule it. 

4. You need a special app/music/place/ritual to do it.

I mentioned above that I’ve meditated all over.

Some people like to ritualise it with candles, a special cushion etc.

This is simply because they are priming their brain to wind down and get into state to meditate,

It’s true that this helps at the start but don’t feel like you always need to do this.

Using an app to talk you through the process is great. Headspace is amazing.

But don’t use it as a crutch. You can’t pull out your phone and your earpods in a stressful meeting, get used to doing it without aids. 

Meditation IS the state.

5. Meditation is the absence of thoughts.

It is and it isn’t.

It is turning out the outside world THEN it is tapping into your higher self.

You higher voice/intuition will speak to you if you quiet the chatter in your mind.

This is where we get our creative insights from.

Leaders use meditation to get in touch with their intuition and higher self,

6. Meditation is just for spiritual people.

Imagine if I could sell you a (fully legal!) pill that could change your state, make you instantly happy AND calmer without any dodgy side effects.

Meditation does exactly that. 

It is a magical pill we can dose upon at any time of the day to get out of a funk, make us more creative and reset your mood.

If I’m having a bit or a challenging day and I need to get creative, I have a meditation nap. 

It’s meditation, then a nap then meditation.

It resets me and it’s like having two completely different days in 24 hours.

Sh!t morning, nap, great afternoon!

Leaders need to recover from setbacks in hours, not days when we’re in stressful times. 

Meditation is something that leaders need to be doing now more than ever.

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