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So, last time, I gave you a little bit of realness with the five mistakes you’re probably making that’s holding you back from releasing your potential.

It breaks my heart to see so many people not reaching their full potential and holding themselves back.

Today, we’re gonna start you on a new path of reinvention.

Here are the FIVE ways I got out of my own way and reinvented myself.

1 — Choose ONE source of inspiration.

I found the coach who resonated with me the most and I turned everything else off. One coach, one course, one way of doing things that felt right to me.

There’s not one way, there are many ways so look around until you find a coach, book or course that feels like it’s a good fit. Then do the work.

2 — Get clear on YOUR idea of success.

It could be buying a supercar or it could be taking a shower every day. Yes, success can be anything from something wild and crazy to the small but necessary. Celebrate each one. Record them and look back to see how far you’ve come.

Decide on daily goals to make you feel better and aim towards your own idea of success.

-> I use an app called WinStreak. It’s available on iOS and Android and it WORKS.

3 — Tell the truth to yourself.

No-one needs to hear this but unless you can be brutally honest with yourself in private, you’ll not shine fully in public. Start with forgiveness. Make no judgement of yourself and your actions just give yourself the gift of forgiving yourself.

Make peace with how far you have come then know with all your heart you can start afresh every day to take action.

4 — You acknowledge brain freakouts and then OWN THEM.

Your brain wants to protect you and most of the time, it wins. Then you do something scary, it freaks out and makes your body release chemicals to prepare you for fight, flight or freeze. Freezing is where we get stuck. Knowing your body does this and catching it makes the biggest difference. We’re not designed for modern life but we can override the “freezing” freakouts.

5 — Get clear on what YOU want.

And ignore the rest. Easier said than done because when you’re freaking out, you just want to feel better. Social media distracts you with shiny objects and quick wins so you can feel better. The best thing I did during my reinvention was a social media fast. I deleted everything off my phone and it felt amazing. It wasn’t easy but the clarity I gained was priceless.

I can guarantee, if you do the tips I’ve mentioned, you will feel better, gain more clarity and make moves towards your future without feeling like you’re wading through treacle!

Even just doing ONE of them will make you feel awesome!! Especially the no social media one!