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There are plenty of people out there who aren’t choosing to live up to their full potential.

It breaks my heart to watch from the sidelines. I just want to jump in and help them but I can’t.

That’s because they’re making these same mistakes over and over again.

I’ve made these mistakes too but my word, I’ve learnt from them. And I keep on learning them. Especially number five.

1 — You’re looking all over for the answers.

Clickbait articles, the latest bestseller, that course everyone’s doing, the guru webinars… You’re looking but you’re not finding the answers. There’s conflicting advice everywhere and no matter how hard you try to fit into what they’re telling you, it still feels… uncomfortable.

2 — You’re focusing on other people’s success.

Ok, I’m guilty of this one. You want it all, you want the house, the car, the travel but if you wanted it so badly, why don’t you have it? Success seems to be getting further and further away with every highlight reel on Instagram.

3 — You’re not telling the truth.

Ouch! It hurts and you’re not gonna go there. So you cover it up with fake happiness and #blessed hashtags on your social media. You’ve settled into what you’re friends and family think you should be happy with. However, you have higher standards and so much more potential to give.

4 — You’re wearing your brain out with all the thinking.

You want it, you have a plan but when it comes down to doing it… your brain is throwing doubts in your face. Your brain wants the best for you… and it wants you to go back to bed and start again tomorrow. It’s a b!tch and you allow it to bully you.

5 — You’re saying yes to the wrong things.

This is a deep one… When you’re in pain from not releasing your potential, everything looks like an opportunity as a way out. A new business venture, running away to another country, another glass of wine (or a bottle), or even something more serious like being addicted to something.

Ok, I realise this post has been about the negative side of wanting to release your potential.

So I don’t leave you high and dry, I have an antidote for this. I will reveal the five key techniques I’ve used to reinvent myself and release my potential in the part two.

Some of them are really simple and you’ll probably know them but one, I can guarantee that if you do this, you’ll see a difference within a week.

Pinky promise.