The FIVE THINGS that high-performing LEADERS do differently.

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The FIVE THINGS that high-performing LEADERS do differently.

From the desk of Carolynne Alexander.

Date: 12th May 2020

Dear Leader,

As always, I hope you’re well and in good spirits wherever you are in the world. Lockdown is being eased ever so slowly here in Spain and the new normal is edging closer.

It’s time to prepare for your new normal. 

Imagine walking out of here with one or two new dreams you want to make real, a more resilient mindset and your business ready to take on clients again.

THAT is what I’m working on and I’m inviting you along too.

OR you could stay the same.

The shocking truth is, most people will return to their old lives and not change a thing. 

Same environment, same habits, same mindset, same problems.

And a few pounds heavier!

Not you though… hell no!

So to ensure you don’t slip back into the old way of doing things, here are the FIVE THINGS that high-performing LEADERS do differently.


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The FIVE THINGS that high-performing LEADERS do differently.


One more time for the people at the back, YOU ARE THE PRIZE! You are your business. Yes, you have a team and an organisation but YOU are the driving force behind everything.

We can all say that we’re too busy but now, we’ve cut out our commute time, we’re not going out much and we have more control over our boundaries.

You’ve invested thousands into your mind so ensure you invest time and effort into your body too.

Make health a non-negotiable.


If I asked you right now, what do you want, could you tell me?

Do you have your dream business on your vision board? Can you tell me where you will be in ten years? Who will you BE in five years?

High-performers visualise their goals DAILY. They walk around their dream house, they’re imagining being on stage in front of thousands, they’re serving their dream clients.

Your goals don’t have to be big or someone else’s idea of success, they’re yours. BUT if you truly want them, you MUST have them and visualise them every day.


Confidence is created after we do something, courage is something we have when we start. We must have the courage to begin any endeavour that is scary.

And here’s the secret… people who have become successful were scared when they took their first step into the unknown.

They are no different to you or I. Except, they decided to START. They woke up every day and decided that TODAY was the day to go for their idea of success.

Build up enough days and you have a week, a month, a year, a LIFETIME of choosing to be bold.


And on a micro-level, they know their habits make a life. Every time you choose your health over eating rubbish food or staying on the couch instead of doing yoga, you’re creating a life.

We get to choose every second how we want to live. 

Your habits compound day after day into a life that changes FASTER then we can even begin to imagine.

If you have a glass of water when you wake up, it will hydrate you instead of reaching for a coffee first. Your coffee might have milk and sugar in… so you may as well have a bagel instead of a piece of fruit. Then your day cascades into the same as yesterday.

Compounding your habits create MASSIVE change. 


Ah, my favourite, Naps are life in my house. Easy mornings are also another theme.

Downtime is a MUST for all high-performers. 

The glorification of busy is over.

Deliberate downtime is scheduled into my week, I take a whole 48 hours off at the weekend and don’t even open my laptop.

I do my best thinking at the weekends. I make notes and create connections between the things I’ve been studying, I write to-do lists for my PA, I sleep!

We underestimate how much constructive thinking is better than grinding away at a task. You can outsource the tasks but the thinking is your zone of genius.

Plan downtime into your calendar every week. 

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Now, it's over to you.

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