How to compress a year of business growth into 30 days.

✅ Focus on ONE business/project until the end of the year that will accelerate your business/life. 🚫 Stop spinning all the plates. ✅ Listen to ONE business coach until the end of the year… and 2019/20/21! 👋🏻 Hey JD. 🚫 No more shiny things. ✅ Cultivate connections in ONE community who you love = The […]

It’s Monday – Attack the Day

It’s Monday – Attack the Day Wow, is it something in the air today or is everyone in hustle mode? Most social media updates I’ve seen from my crazy entrepreneur friends are mostly about “yeah, it’s Monday, I’m in hustle mode”. Well, good for you! There seems something a little insincere about these posts. Almost […]

Day Three – A Working Title

Day Three – A Working Title I have a dilemma. Do I write something half arsed or do I fail at my discipline challenge on day three? I’m tilting towards deleting this post, forgetting all about it and pretend I didn’t say I was gonna do this. That’s the easy route obviously but this is […]


New Year and a new way of doing things. Like a cat sniffing the air… There’s something going round in the zeitgeist. Something very close to my heart. 💕Simplicity💕 I wrote about it a while ago after a few things popping up in my life. 👉🏻The Minimalists documentary on Netflix, 👉🏻The challenge of reading less and […]

How to Avoid Burnout and Get More Done in 6 Easy Steps

MY STORY My daily routine as a freelancer/entrepreneur was all over the place. I was at the mercy of calls, texts, email and the “fancy a brew” text message. For four years, I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere. My home life merged into my work life because I was working from home and […]