Hey Thinking, we’re breaking up.

https://play.ht/articles/691fc3876432 Dear Thinking, I love you and I always will. You’ve got me into and out of some tight spots and I’m forever grateful. You’ve helped me build businesses, figured out my stories, been an amazing pass time but now, we need to go our separate ways. I’ll still come and visit once in a […]

Thinking bad and good.

It’s 4:30am, the dawn is hours away and everything is dark. From my room to my thoughts. Inky blackness surrounds me. It’s Autumn, the season of birthdays (yey!) and the nights drawing in (boo). I have a strange Pagan relationship with the seasons. Spring is optimism. Summer is long lazy days. Autumn is a welcomed […]

When surrendering isn’t an option

There’s a lot of talk about surrender and the positive aspect of it. Surrendering to keep the peace. Surrendering to controlling everything.Surrendering to being right about everything. This is the good side of surrender but I want to offer you an alternative and shake things up a little. Surrender, by definition, is to give up. To […]