Joining the dots to take you forward You know that Steve Jobs quote? “Only when you look back can you join the dots.” This is so damn true. Growing up, I had ZERO idea what I wanted to be. I told my careers adviser that I didn’t want to work in an office. His interpretation was that I wanted to work […]

The FIVE things you’re doing to mess up your potential — Part 1 of 2

There are plenty of people out there who aren’t choosing to live up to their full potential. It breaks my heart to watch from the sidelines. I just want to jump in and help them but I can’t. That’s because they’re making these same mistakes over and over again. I’ve made these mistakes too but […]

OBJECTIVE (why) > STRATEGY (what) > TACTICS (how)

I’ve been guilty of getting this arse first on more than one occasion 😳 The lure of the monies is everywhere. I was a kid in a sweet shop. Or big kid with a twitchy “Amazon one-click” trigger finger. More booooooks!!! Tactics were tempting me from all angles. Tactics are everywhere. Tactics are easy to […]

How feelings are signals to change your life

When things go sideways and you’re having a bad time, ultimately, your body wants to feel better. Humans are designed to move away from pain and into pleasure for as much time as possible. Hunger pains, go and eat. Feeling too cold, put a jumper on. Feeling lost and lonely, reach out to someone. When we’re […]