The FIVE ways you can get out of your own way and reinvented yourself — Part 2 of 2.

So, last time, I gave you a little bit of realness with the five mistakes you’re probably making that’s holding you back from releasing your potential. It breaks my heart to see so many people not reaching their full potential and holding themselves back. Today, we’re gonna start you on a new path of reinvention. […]

Compensation Vs Compromise

To compensate is to offset (or conceal) a psychological or physical difficulty by developing in another direction. To compromise is to allow your environment impose upon you and for you to come up with the best plan of action within those boundaries by making concessions. Compensation in a business is to carry the weakest member […]

Don’t offer me cake when I’m on a diet

Happy Sunday! At midnight tonight, I’m giving up the following; Sugar Wheat (CAKE!) Dairy Alcohol People who offer me cake when they know I’m on a diet. This idea came about when I started tracking my food, energy, and productivity in my Self Journal for a couple of weeks. I found that I was only […]