Joining the dots to take you forward You know that Steve Jobs quote? “Only when you look back can you join the dots.” This is so damn true. Growing up, I had ZERO idea what I wanted to be. I told my careers adviser that I didn’t want to work in an office. His interpretation was that I wanted to work […]

The Sixth (and final) Wave of Feminism I’ve resisted writing about feminism for all my life. For reasons that are personal to me but will no doubt reveal themselves in the near future. Feminism is a touchy subject and still has the stigma of bra-burning hippies and raging, angry women due to the fact that we’re still not done with the […]

On Susie Wolff’s retirement and a plea to all humans

For Gaynor. I wish I had encouraged you more. “You can’t, you’re a woman and women don’t race F1.” Those were the words that my friend relayed to me years ago when we were at a friend’s birthday. As I listened to her story, I sat quietly with my mouth open in disbelief. Here was […]