Why sales funnels are an art, not a blunt instrument

✨WARNING — This is a long old rant so get a cuppa and get comfy.✨ I’m not the world’s leading expert on sales funnels, far from it. I can build one, I know what works and to be honest, they feel horrible if you get them wrong. You know how dogs can smell fear? Well, I’m getting […]

Invest and get serious

One of the best business decisions I ever made was to get an office. It seems completely counter intuitive when I want to be location independent but hear me out. 😊 If you’re a freelancer/digital nomad then you need to get out of the house. Fact! 🏃🏻 I’m not talking about just to a coffee […]

Don’t offer me cake when I’m on a diet

Happy Sunday! At midnight tonight, I’m giving up the following; Sugar Wheat (CAKE!) Dairy Alcohol People who offer me cake when they know I’m on a diet. This idea came about when I started tracking my food, energy, and productivity in my Self Journal for a couple of weeks. I found that I was only […]

Squarespace in Seven Days for Creative Entrepreneurs — The Reason Why

So what’s all this about? It’s about sharing my knowledge with as many people as I can. Squarespace in 7 Days for Creative Entrepreneurs by Kicksmith — YEAH! I’m a great believer in giving away as much value as you can for free. Genuinely, I under promise and over deliver on all my web design contracts and sometimes […]