New Year and a new way of doing things. Like a cat sniffing the air… There’s something going round in the zeitgeist. Something very close to my heart. 💕Simplicity💕 I wrote about it a while ago after a few things popping up in my life. 👉🏻The Minimalists documentary on Netflix, 👉🏻The challenge of reading less and […]


▪️2017▪️ Less social, more connection. Less consuming, more creating. Less surface, more depth. Less niceness, more truth. Less seriousness, more laughs. Less complications, more simplicity. Less tactics, more strategy. Less ideas, more execution. Less business, more company. Less follower, more Queen. Less numbers, more fans. Less inside, more adventures. Less knowledge, more time. Less hiding, […]


Entrepreneurship — It’s not about you. Lemme say that again… IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. It’s about your fans/customers. Sure, they’re there because of you but not because you’re cool, you do cool stuff or even because of anything you sell. They’re there because you’re leading them to a better life, a new way of thinking. The utopia you […]

OBJECTIVE (why) > STRATEGY (what) > TACTICS (how)

I’ve been guilty of getting this arse first on more than one occasion 😳 The lure of the monies is everywhere. I was a kid in a sweet shop. Or big kid with a twitchy “Amazon one-click” trigger finger. More booooooks!!! Tactics were tempting me from all angles. Tactics are everywhere. Tactics are easy to […]

What happens when you listen to your heroes

They say you should never meet your heroes… I say bollocks to that. This weekend, I went to Brighton (mega seaside city of the South) for a Mastermind Group for a few days. Masterminds are the fastest way to smashing your business roadblocks. Especially when you are masterminding with people who are on a similar […]

How feelings are signals to change your life

When things go sideways and you’re having a bad time, ultimately, your body wants to feel better. Humans are designed to move away from pain and into pleasure for as much time as possible. Hunger pains, go and eat. Feeling too cold, put a jumper on. Feeling lost and lonely, reach out to someone. When we’re […]

How Autumn Equinox can give you a kick up with bum!

Autumn Equinox was yesterday and I kinda forgot to mention it. You see, me and my Dad don’t really speak that much but I always text him on Winter Solstice and say “we made it” as a kinda reminder that the dark is over and it’s starting to get light again. I’m pretty sure me and […]