A rant by Carolynne Alexander.

I love it when you’re completely in your zone of genius and you go from idea to execution in an hour.
This is happening more and more lately (fueled by some great music! Andy C on the
Essential Mix 🤘🏻).
Knowing your zone of genius is EVERYTHING in life.
What do you love? Do that.
That’s it really!
What’s your zone of genius?
Are you in it?
And are you fighting having to do stuff you hate cos you think you have to do it?
What can you freestyle in your own way? What takes you less time than other people cos you’re in flow? What would you do for free?
Ideas should be pinging off in your brain right now.
If not, think about the opposite.
What makes you feel heavy? What do you dread doing? What’s the thing you put off until tomorrow?
It’s all well and good to struggle and plod your way through things when you need to but if you didn’t have to do sh!t you hate… what would your business be like?
What do people always ask you to do? What are you known for?
Sit with these questions until you have the answer.
Nope… no ideas?
Then you need a fricken coach! (I can recommend one or two who will kick your ass.)
But if you DO KNOW what your zone of genius is and you want to outsource the rest of it then I have something for you.
I’m testing out a new service for mega frustrated and overwhelmed business peeps.
It’s been stirring in my brain for a while and I decided that today was the day to get in flow and build it.
(Yup, zone of genius at work… built this in an hour 🙌🏻)
I truly believe that so many independent business owners are doing things they HATE in their business and they don’t need to.
Seriously, stop it!
The world needs your genius, not you hating life.
If it makes you feel like crap, it’s not for you. You wouldn’t eat something you didn’t like just cos you had to.
(Ok, there’s broccoli but eat ya greens, ok?🥦)
In business, you get to CHOOSE.
What are you trading your time for? Your zone of genius or doing shit you hate?
Today, I’m doing this exact thing for a super talented coach. He HATES tech so we’re having a strategy and tech session (even I hate saying that but that’s what I do!).
He staying doing what he does best and I do what I do best.
💥BOOM! Progress is made, money is made, awesomeness is rocked out all over the place 🤘🏻
Want some of the same? I know you do.
Come and talk to me about what you’re hating right now.
If you know someone who’s moaning at you about their business then pass this on to them. Share this with your fellow business peeps too. They could be suffering in silence.
Big love xx 👊🏻💥💕

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