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After fifteen years of dreaming of being a fashion designer, my dream has finally been realised. Six weeks of designing, researching, making, wearing, testing, photographing, modelling and refining has finally come to a close with the launch of The 6×6 Collection.

It’s been a mix of decision making, designing solutions to problems I never dreamed of and gently nudging the people around me into give their best. All around me, people who have known me for years have offered their time and expertise to make this happen and this Collection is dedicated to them. As a throw back to my love of music and vinyl, I’d like to offer my ‘sleeve notes’ as a thank you to everyone who’s been involved in making this shit happen.

Sleeve Notes

In alphabetical order cos you’re all awesome!

To Brady for believing in me when I thought I’d failed. You get the most kisses xxxxxxxx

To Cat/Clive for the photography, impromptu modelling, musing and having the patience to stick around and wait for me to shine like you always knew I would. Thanks Clive xx

To Dave, my bro, for firing me, introducing me to Lily and saying “about fucking time you did it”. Thanks Bruv xx

To Mum for the hours of sewing and her work ethic. You’re an inspiration xx

To Poppa John, for being a rebel and for insisting I “did Science” at college that got me onto this Environmental thang. Thanks Dad xx

And lastly… Dan, Mayfair, The Bloom Crew, Bass Music and Westwood Corsets.