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“The person who risks nothing… does nothing, has nothing, and is nothing.”

Denis Waitley

First of all, let’s remind ourselves that we are entrepreneurs. We run at challenges, we’re ok with calculated risk and we thrive in uncertain times. Change brings volatility and volatility is GOOD because there is an imbalance to the system. 

Imbalance = opportunity

It might seem crass to bring this to your attention right now but I’m going to make the assumption you are reading this because you want to push things forward in your business and you’re in a position to do that.

Here in Spain, we’ve had a few days of lockdown. We’re adjusting to life and the fear has mostly subsided. If you aren’t feeling up for doing any business related activities, go and look after yourself first.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, let’s do this!


Why are you turning up every day and leading your business?

What change do you want to make in the world?

Revisiting your why will give you fuel and connect you to your big mission. If you have felt any frustration towards the situation that’s going on at the moment and you feel like you can’t push things forward, this is a good thing. That frustration is energy you’d normally be putting into your big mission.

Check in with how you feel about your mission right now. 

Use that frustration as energy to propel you during this difficult time. 


I’ve seen tears and anger in the past few days from my business peeps because they so desperately want to help their tribe. If you have felt any emotion towards the people who you are wanting to help and you feel you can’t right now, you’ve found your people. You’re deeply connected to them and now is the time to serve them, any way you can. Your business mission and your people don’t change but how you serve them can. 

What do they need more than anything right now? 

As a leader, they need YOU. 

Scale things back to one to one interactions and check in with them. Send an email staying that it’s business as usual (as much as possible) and you’re continuing to serve them as best you can. 

Dig into the feeling of serving. 


Ask them how you can help them best. I’ve had to reassess my whole business in the past few days because my signature offer begins with an in person deep dive. With the travel restrictions, this just isn’t possible anymore! But that’s not a reason to take my ball home in a huff cos things aren’t going my way. 

Tapping back into the process of WHAT my tribe need is the most important thing. What I do will not change. I still offer 1:1 deep coaching for CEOs and Leaders. The transformation I facilitate is still the big thing. 

Get really clear on WHAT you are doing. Not the mechanism of delivery. “I do retreats” isn’t what you do. That’s HOW you do it. The WHAT is the transformation, the change. 

Even for those in the food industry, your WHAT is elevating hunger. 

Or the gift industry, your WHAT is raising a smile on the faces of people. 

It’s very simplistic but that’s the point.

Get back to basics on the WHAT. 


The bit you’ve been waiting for.

How the hell do I run my business under the crazy circumstances?

Well, it’s very simple… You’re an Entrepreneur, get creative.

Oh, you weren’t expecting that, were you? 

We get to rewrite the rules now because everything is different. We get to set a new standard of what our industry does. This is the magic of being an entrepreneur. We were already shaking things up and being disruptive but now, this is where we really get to dig deep into our imagination and get creative. 

Sass Warning!

The hard truth is that many businesses in their current state will not survive. I’ve already had a CEO friend of mine let go all his staff this week. Decades of growing a business, gone. Friends, team, a whole community, gone. A VERY hard call to make.

This is the reality of business but we decided to do it. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows but we do get to play the game how we want to.

You create opportunities by performing, not complaining.

~ Muriel Siebert

In my coaching, I will give you that reality. I will not hold back, especially if you are complaining. If you have staff, they’re relying on you to do what you do best… be an entrepreneur and lead. Get creative.

  • Retreats can’t be held in person so get creative with your online offerings. 

  • Restaurants may not be able to open so apply for a take away licence. Shops in Spain are couriering wine and cheese!

  • Tourism may shut down but people travel for experiences so give them an online experience instead of in person.

In times of change, it’s being able to adapt that is the key. 

Take a look at your WHAT and come up with a new HOW. Rewrite the rules. 


NOW! Move first and move fast. 

As this situation unfolds, there will be changes but right now, you can only act on the information you’ve been given. A trap we can fall into is waiting for information or trying to predict the future. 

Think about it like this…

What’s going to be best vs what’s best right NOW?

Now is all we have so act now from this moment. 

Get your minimum viable product out into the world and test it. Quick and dirty will beat perfectionism. Your tribe want you to lead not create a perfectly presented offering. Get feedback and iterate your offering. 

Also… Your tribe need you. They’re out in the wilderness and they need you to lead them. Bringing a reassuring “I’ve got your back, here’s how I can help” is so powerful right now. 

Go back to your why, your who and your what. They will drive you to move and serve.


Well… it’s all gotta be online, right?! 

Now is the time to take the leap to get your operations streamlined and automated. I dread to think what this would be like without tech and the internet. 

Dig out all the courses you’ve bought and learn something. 

Commit to doing one thing every day that moves your business online. 

For example… 

  • Learn how to write powerful copy to inspire your tribe.

  • Set up your email marketing to get your message out there.

  • Spend your time creating content that helps your community.

If you want to be kept accountable then join us every day in the Dose of Realness Group where we are doing our Daily Doros – 90 minutes of focused work – every day, together. 

To end this, I want to remind you of your power and your energy. It is important to protect it as much as possible. 

  • Please, don’t allow social media and negativity to suck it out of you.

  • Remove yourself from situations with challenging people. It’s ok to take time out.

  • Don’t buy into the hype and keep focusing on official channels.

  • Take time out for yourself to meditate and journal. Sit with any emotions you have and allow them to pass.

Lead yourself, lead your business, lead your tribe.

You were born for this day.

We’re all going up together. 

Big love and good vibes,

Carolynne xx


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