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Who is Carolynne “Queenie” Alexander?

Armed with a Masters in Business & Computing, Carolynne is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong learner with a curiosity for business strategy, human potential and female entrepreneurship.

Carolynne has worked with Fortune 500 companies, education establishments and government organisations in management and operations, as well as starting multiple businesses starting at age of 22, all centred around questions like how to release human potential and what does it take for women to build a multi-million-pound business?

“My obsession lies in championing and cheerleading badass women to build and lead successful businesses of the future.”

Ex-corporate Fixer turned CEO Mentor

“I transform overwhelmed CEOs into levelled-up Leaders of the Future.”

Business fixer for overwhelmed Entrepreneurs

sometimes you need a dose of realness

The key to making habits bulletproof and it’s not what you think.

Access your FREE Training If you haven’t checked out the previous blog posts in this series, take a look after reading this. They biuld up into a series of daily rituals for maximum productivity as an Entrepreneur. Now that you’ve put yourself first, we can begin to...

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