Your Story, Your Future

I have may stories. I have many occupations. I have many passions.

And when I get asked “what do you do”, I always revert back to the standard answer.

“I’m a web designer by trade but I do a whole lot more”.

Then the conversation sparks off into multiple directions which most of the time is awesome cos we get to talk about all kinds of crazy stuff.

But in a business sense, it doesn’t really work. I’m not a fan of being put in a box but when you’re in a business setting, it helps to be able to be “labeled”.

So this got me thinking…

What happens when I change the story I’m telling?

Instead of “I am”, what would happen if I said something else?

How about… I own a digital agency.

Yeah… it kinda works but it hardly gets the juices flowing!

Let’s jazz the story up a bit…

“We build online homes for creative rockstars and coaches who want to connect with their audience and convert readers into raving fans.”

(Work in progress but you get the gist!)

BOOM! How’s about that!?

And that’s not all because my story doesn’t end there…

The story I’m really telling is about a brave new world, a utopia where people want to go and believe in better.

That’s when the conversation gets really interesting because we can then talk about the future and what’s possible.

We’re Entrepreneurs (in the real sense of the word, not in douchepreneurland!).

We build the future.

It’s not about “I do” or “I am”, it’s about “I believe in…”

It becomes bigger than that. Bigger than you. Bigger than what’s even possible.

The story you tell today is not about today or your past, it’s about your future, THE future.

Change your story, change the future.

What’s your story?


New Year and a new way of doing things.

Like a cat sniffing the air… There’s something going round in the zeitgeist. Something very close to my heart.


I wrote about it a while ago after a few things popping up in my life.

👉🏻The Minimalists documentary on Netflix,

👉🏻The challenge of reading less and doing more,

👉🏻The Essentialism book (by Greg McKeown) being mentioned to me more than once…

All of these things have that one thing in common.

The art of distilling your life and business into the essence of what needs to be done.

It’s something I’m fascinated by.

I’m the hardest working lazy person you know and if I can take a shortcut, I will. I hack at things to make them one click, I pay for shortcuts, I’ll invest time upfront to ensure I’m building assets and not just a one time action.

Not only that but I want to live my whole life as lightly as possible. Less stuff, more quality.

I think it’s something I get from my Dad 👌🏻 — Ex-Navy and fire service and their kit bags only having the essentials in there.

So as a business owner, builder, creator and nerd, I set off on a mission. To hack business. To work out the least amount that has to be done to get the maximum return.

Instead of adding more to your life, how about we remove some stuff? Optimise your time, headspace and actions so you have more time to connect deeply with your fans and make the moneys.

And actually enjoy running and building your business.

There are a couple of sayings that have popped up lately too…

One of them is the famous line coined by Gerber (The E-Myth) about working on your business instead of in your business. It was one of the first business books I ever read and it stuck with me for years.

Same with the 80/20 Rule. What’s the 20% of what I do that gives me the 80% return.

And it’s the premise that I use in all my coaching and consulting. What’s the minimum you need to do to get the maximum return? Remove the unnecessary.

💕Sell something that people want, get it in front of those people and do it in a way that only you can 💕

👉🏻Product | Sales | Style

Simple huh?

Elegant solutions for busy business owners. Less busy business. Less is mor£

I could go on… I have all this swimming around my head and it’s been there for years!

Soooooo, its time to get it all out there. But not all at once…slowly, timely, drip feeding it, working around my audience, asking for feedback, tweaking, testing… And all the while, cutting out the unnecessary.

My passion is strong, my knowledge, experience and wisdom are ready and the zeitgeist says it’s time.

Preparation is meeting opportunity.

You ready? I am xx



Less social, more connection.

Less consuming, more creating.

Less surface, more depth.

Less niceness, more truth.

Less seriousness, more laughs.

Less complications, more simplicity.

Less tactics, more strategy.

Less ideas, more execution.

Less business, more company.

Less follower, more Queen.

Less numbers, more fans.

Less inside, more adventures.

Less knowledge, more time.

Less hiding, more leading.

Less £££, more free.

Less hours, more results.

Less mates, more friends.

Less struggle, more surrender.

Less stuff, more love.


Entrepreneurship — It’s not about you.

Lemme say that again… IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU.

It’s about your fans/customers.

Sure, they’re there because of you but not because you’re cool, you do cool stuff or even because of anything you sell.

They’re there because you’re leading them to a better life, a new way of thinking.

The utopia you create requires buy in from your fans. But it wasn’t something new, they were looking for it all along.

You just created it for them.

That’s entrepreneurship.

#fanoconomy #DoTheThing

The 51%ers

Humans, we’re a funny bunch.

A bag of chemicals acting on crazy hormonal whims and searching for safety and love.

Most of us are wandering around with zero clue about how to run this crazy flesh machine we’ve been given and we continually bump up against things that make us feel, honestly, like shit.

Very few have mastered being human.

When you meet a human who has mastered being a decent human, you instantly recognise it.

It’s not how they look, what they say or what they do.

It’s about how they make you feel.

They make you feel like they have noticed you.

They make you feel like you’re the most important person in the world at that moment.

They make you feel safe.

They’re the 51%ers.

Humans aren’t very good at coping with the crazy onslaught of the speed of life these days but the 51%ers change that.

They slow you down, they look you in the eye and they listen.

By being a 51%er you give more than you receive in every interaction you have.

But there’s more…

When two 51%ers meet, there’s 2% left over going spare.

That 2% extra is where the magic happens.

Ideas, support, encouragement, positivity, progression, love.

It’s all there. It’s everything is possible in that 2%.

So there’s to the 51%ers, may you continue to give and give and give.

The world needs you.

OBJECTIVE (why) > STRATEGY (what) > TACTICS (how)

I’ve been guilty of getting this arse first on more than one occasion 😳

The lure of the monies is everywhere.

I was a kid in a sweet shop.

Or big kid with a twitchy “Amazon one-click” trigger finger.

More booooooks!!!

Tactics were tempting me from all angles.

Tactics are everywhere.

Tactics are easy to package up and sell.

Shortcuts and click bait FB ads and tips and tricks and sound bites on the latest social media platform you HAVE to be on daaaarling.

They draw you in with six figure promises and your shiny object syndrome is triggered 💥

Ooooooh shortcuts are sexy 🍑 Show me the money! Where’s my credit card?

You can Google everything and watch YouTube for tactics for FREE.

Why are they free? Cos they’re useless without a strategy.

Tactics will only get you so far.

Putting tactics together in a plan is a strategy.

A blueprint or model of what works is where the magic happens.

There’s big money to be made with a watertight strategy. Business consultants know this and charge a metric fuck ton for strategies.

Whoooop! Party time! 🎉 A licence to print money! I haz the strategies!

WHOA there horse… here’s the bit that people often miss.

Why the hell do you what all the monies/success/fitness etc…?


Erm… cos… it looks like fun… private jets, six packs and supercars innit. 🏎💨

Sorry big boy… You’re gonna have to dig deeper than that.

Your objective (or your why) is what gets you through the dark times when the tactics don’t work and the strategy needs tweaking.

When you’re wearing three jumpers and fingerless gloves so you can click your mouse to upload your next t-shirt design to somehow make money for the electricity bill cos you moon walked out of your corporate job at the beginning of the financial crisis.

I’ve done some dumb shit 😑

Your objective/why could be anything from helping your family secure their financial future, spend more time with your parents cos they live miles away from you or simply because you damn well want to do something epic with your life.

Here’s the thing, you get to choose your objective.

It’s yours and yours alone. Everything else comes after your objective.

Your objective drives your strategy and your strategy dictates your tactics.

Tactics without a strategy are just wild stabs in the dark.

Strategy without an objective is just a hope.

An objective without you is nothing.

What’s your objective?

My Manifesto

I have this crazy idea.

It stems from the Kevin Kelly essay called 1,000 True Fans. The idea is that you produce your work and attract 1,000 true fans who love your work so much that they pay you £100 a year so you can product more of what you do.

That would give you £100,000 a year.

Enough to make your art. Or teach. Or make your product.

Imagine that. 1,000 fans who’s names you know. After all 1,000 people isn’t that many right?

And £100,000 a year is crazy good money to live comfortably.

The premise behind the essay is that after all the big companies are done, the long tail of others come behind. The niche and super niche industries and brands that serve a tiny, almost micro market of people.

In today’s world, we live in extraordinary times where we can reach 1.5 billion people on the internet.

Thats 1.5 billion opportunities to connect with someone who “gets us”.

1.5 billion people who distill down to 1,000 die hard fans who would support our art, teaching, products and we’d have enough money to keep on doing it.

Sounds good, right?

So that’s the why, how about the how?

Having a great product, getting it in front of potential fans and inviting them into your fandom with your style of doing things.

We’re going through a time of hyper-individualisation of products and services.

“Want your flat white with extra this, that and the other? Sure!”

This hyper-individualisation is driving demand for, not only customised products and services, but it produces a demand for almost exact compatibility with groups too.

Your fans are looking for you already. They’re waiting for you to be compatible with the need they don’t even know they have.

Gone are the days of as bland as toast hidden leaders and hyper-individualisation is driving the need for more colourful, honest and caring leaders.

It’s more of a friend group than a brand. See where I’m going with this?

Couple that with the crazy reach of social media with video and you have the perfect platform to attract your 1,000 fans.

This is the premise on which I build my legacy.

To impact 1,000 people with my work. And if those 1,000 true fans share my work and it impacts more people then it’s a bonus.

But I start with impacting one. One person who takes action, changes their direction, wakes up instead of staying asleep, one person who stays alive to fight another day.

It’s why I show up every day, to leave a trail of breadcrumbs around the internet to connect with people with wisdom, humour and honesty. I hope that someone somewhere in the future will see that and it will change their direction.

I see so many people hide, crippled with fear. It breaks my heart to see humans fade away into the background. I did it. I did it yesterday and the day before and the day before that. I do it every day.

But, I’ve learnt by putting something out there every day, you get over the fear.

Fear is the root of destruction and creativity (and love) is the antidote.

Fear is a marker of progress. Deciding to do the thing, creates something that wasn’t there before.

Creating every day towards what you want and away from what you don’t want, ultimately creates the reality and life you want.

How do you want to live your life?

Ultimately, it comes down to this…

How you do something is just as important as what you do. Your style attracts others who need what you have. And you’ve got to get over the fear of doing it.


Your 1,000 fans are waiting.

Today is your day to show up and build your legacy, are you ready to do the thing?

How to deal with Empathy Fatigue.

What the hell is that?

Imagine this…

You find yourself waking up on Sunday morning after a productive week and realise that you’ve produced more for your clients than you have for yourself.

No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work.

It’s what Creative Rockstars suffer from when they get Empathy Fatigue.

Empathy Fatigue is when you’ve spent more time empathising with clients and their customers and not enough time tapping into your creativity.

Putting yourself in the position of clients and their customers can take a serious toll on you and your own creativity.

When you hire an experts, in what ever field, you’re renting their time, brain, experience and wisdom.

The time experts spend on projects is more than just pressing buttons or writing some words.

You get waaaaay more than that.

You’re asking them to step into the shoes of your customers.

How they think, their desires and fears, what drives them, what pushes them to take action…

In my case, I’m renting my brain out to empathise with your customers when I write your copy and build your website.

It takes so much energy and it wipes you out.

And here’s the solution.

Charge more so you can…

Do less (focus deeper and more fully without jumping from client to client) so you can give…

More of yourself.

Also… Create a new rule in you world.

No more favours, no more mates rates or five minutes to pick your brains.

None of that shit is free anymore, ok?

This applies to everyone who rents their brain out for clients.

Make sense?

Charge more – Do less – Be more creative!

Kick Empathy Fatigue in the nuts!!!

One Step at a Time

Yesterday felt like the longest day of my life.
I sat at my desk for hours staring at my screen.
Pressing one keystroke at a time.
I was conscious of every action.
Time stood still.
Press. Click. Press. Click.
When days are hard, just pressing one button is the only thing you can do.
Then another.
Then another.
Then when you look up, you’ve created a whole new thing.
One press at a time.
This is how great things are made.
One tiny action repeated.