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My to-do list this morning comprised of one thing, planning my 2019 social media calendar.

I set aside two hours to brainstorm and wrangle some post ideas together.

I sat down to plan.

Then I went blank.

What am I meant to be doing this for?

I’ve always planned. I’m a strategist and I love spreadsheets. That was until about a month ago when my intuition started to kick in and I started getting in my own way.

My planning abilities disappeared.

Was I just procrastinating? Was I being a bit stubborn about the work I needed to do? Or was there something else at play here?

I decided to investigate.

For a whole week, I listened to my intuition.

I quietened my mind and asked the question “what’s next?”.

Instantly, I was getting answers.

Not only answers but the right answers.

I took action and launched The Gentlewomen’s Secret Society.

A handful of content planning. A sales page written from the heart. A day or two of building up to a launch and the sales came in.

And the alternative of this was to sit and think and strategise and ponder and feel the fear… just what I’d been doing for the last few months.

I know which one I’d rather be doing!

So this week, to experiment with the alternative, I got out my yearly planner and froze.

Yup… nothing.

The difference was startling.

The tension in my shoulders, the thought patterns and the fear.

Now, here’s the disclaimer. Like all things in this world, there are polar opposites to each action.

And in this case it’s planning vs intuition.

You can’t do just one and get great results.

The message here is this… use you intuition more and listen harder to the creative downloads you receive.

So that’s why I’ve created something called The Presence Planner.

To take advantage of the moment whilst still planning out what needs to be done.

I’m currently testing this out in myself and it will be available very soon.

There’s only one catch, it’s only available for The Gentlewomen.

So if you want to know the details, you’ll have to join the list over at

We all go up together ????