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Let that sink in for a second.

When we look in the same places, at the same people, doing the same things then we are not looking at our own true potential.

Potential is a dangerous thing. If we keep it inside and don’t find the courage to release it, we live a life of regret.

If we choose to open ourselves up and release our full potential, we have the opportunity to do great things for ourselves and others.

Only when we start looking at who we are and who we can become do we start releasing the huge and unfathomable power of our potential.

It’s something I have been obsessed by since a was a kid.

  • How do people go from regular to extraordinary?
  • Is it a daily practice?
  • Is it something we can learn?
  • What does it take?

Often, I feel like I have an invisible dam holding back everything inside me and I just want to break it.

I truly believe you do too but that invisible dam is holding you back.

It could be knowledge, courage, your environment, fear… whatever it is, YOU CAN break that dam.

I bet more than one person has looked at you and said “you’ve got something about you”…

THAT is your potential.

That half smile, that knowing look, that twinkle in your eye.

THAT is your potential.

The way you automatically do something that comes naturally to you but you’re afraid to show.

THAT is your potential.

Please, please… don’t die with that still inside you. We need that. We need you.

Take one tiny step to smash that invisible dam TODAY and release your full potential.

We all go up together ????

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