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I want to invite you to be seen

I want you to stand in all your glory.

I want you to show off (yes, show off!) your talents and gifts.

✨I want you to shine✨

For many years, as a child, I was told to be quiet, speak when I was spoken to, let others go first.

Was was shouted down when I got on stage at primary school even though I’d won the part.

I was always last to “do a turn” at my Nanna’s Christmas party and wait until the other kids had done their bit.

I was even bullied for speaking up about things I felt strongly about. “Nice girls don’t talk about things like that”.

I’M CALLING BS ON BEING QUIET… Especially for The Gentlewomen in my life.

You, yes YOU, are a powerhouse of stories, wisdom and talent who needs to BE SEEN.

Our experience goes deep and not just in our businesses.

Does anyone else look to wise women for guidance then you’ll know what I mean.

It’s why I’m building The Gentlewomen.

It is a natural extension of the magic that happened in that room in August this year.

I’m trying to capture that magic and bring it to the women that need it, where we can share our stories and wisdom with other Gentlewomen.

It’s not perfect, it’s not polished, it’s a work in progress just like we are.

But the one thing I know for certain is that when you bring a bunch of women together, magic happens.

And if you were looking for permission to be sen then this is it.

Shine Lady, shine ✨

Feel that yearning in your stomach?

That’s your cue to join us and be seen.

The curtain will be pulled back today (22/11/18) at 11:11am GMT (cos Wooniverse innit!?).

I’m limiting the members, only because I want to ensure everyone joining is seen and taken care of properly. None of that fake scarcity BS!

Follow your intuition and shine ✨