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I’ve been guilty of getting this arse first on more than one occasion ?

The lure of the monies is everywhere.

I was a kid in a sweet shop.

Or big kid with a twitchy “Amazon one-click” trigger finger.

More booooooks!!!

Tactics were tempting me from all angles.

Tactics are everywhere.

Tactics are easy to package up and sell.

Shortcuts and click bait FB ads and tips and tricks and sound bites on the latest social media platform you HAVE to be on daaaarling.

They draw you in with six figure promises and your shiny object syndrome is triggered ?

Ooooooh shortcuts are sexy ? Show me the money! Where’s my credit card?

You can Google everything and watch YouTube for tactics for FREE.

Why are they free? Cos they’re useless without a strategy.

Tactics will only get you so far.

Putting tactics together in a plan is a strategy.

A blueprint or model of what works is where the magic happens.

There’s big money to be made with a watertight strategy. Business consultants know this and charge a metric fuck ton for strategies.

Whoooop! Party time! ? A licence to print money! I haz the strategies!

WHOA there horse… here’s the bit that people often miss.

Why the hell do you what all the monies/success/fitness etc…?


Erm… cos… it looks like fun… private jets, six packs and supercars innit. ??

Sorry big boy… You’re gonna have to dig deeper than that.

Your objective (or your why) is what gets you through the dark times when the tactics don’t work and the strategy needs tweaking.

When you’re wearing three jumpers and fingerless gloves so you can click your mouse to upload your next t-shirt design to somehow make money for the electricity bill cos you moon walked out of your corporate job at the beginning of the financial crisis.

I’ve done some dumb shit ?

Your objective/why could be anything from helping your family secure their financial future, spend more time with your parents cos they live miles away from you or simply because you damn well want to do something epic with your life.

Here’s the thing, you get to choose your objective.

It’s yours and yours alone. Everything else comes after your objective.

Your objective drives your strategy and your strategy dictates your tactics.

Tactics without a strategy are just wild stabs in the dark.

Strategy without an objective is just a hope.

An objective without you is nothing.

What’s your objective?