My current *productivity stack


💥Daily ‘Doro check-ins in The Dose of Realness Group.

–> Two hours of concentrated, deep work to move the needle on my business.
–> Using the Pomodoro Technique to get sh!t done.
–> Perfect for when you have clients come to visit you… or your parents!


💥Daily Non-negotiable List.

–> The FIVE things I get to do EVERY day to move the needle.
Just one of these things can change your business.
Wanna know what it is?
CONTACT a prospective client or partner every day. THEN follow up.

–> This ALONE has got me three consecutive months of GROWTH in my business.

Make last month’s revenue by the 6th of the month… yes please!!


💥Weekly Check-ins on a Friday.

–> Super lightweight check-in process I use with my clients to hold them (and me) accountable to the BIG jobs that need doing.
–> Share weekly wins and improvements.
–> This is the BEST way of holding people accountable… get up close and personal.


I’ve been applying the #75Hard principles to my business and it is a game-changer.

Holding yourself to higher standards is what all this is about.

  • Not happy with your income, change it.
  • Not happy with your body, change it.
  • Not happy with your life, change it.

People around you will tempt you to change your standards and that’s ok.

We’re all on our own journey.

But if you want to rise out of your current situation, then it takes raising your standards to the level you KNOW are yours.

Not falling to the standards of your environment, society, your old mindset.

Pinky is dead, long live Queen P.

I am NOT messing about.

*Productivity is a load of crap, being effective is the key but that’s another post for another day.

Carolynne Alexander

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I am NOT messing about

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