In the Quantum Leadership model, there is a process called Levelling-up. It’s my favourite part of coaching my clients.


Because it accelerates your life faster than the old school Newtonian Model of change.

The magic is in working on both sides of the model.

The internal and the external.

Often, we’re tricked into thinking that hustling and plodding through our lives is the only way to get what we want.

I’ve seen this in so many clients.

It is typically shown as being a list of things to “do” before we get what we want.

I’ve experienced this in my own life too. I used to write endless lists of “sh!t to do” before I could get the thing I wanted.

This comes from the old school Newtonian method of goal setting.

Set a goal and work backwards.

This is fine and a great way to move through the world to get something you want but it’s only half of using your full potential.

Conversely, it’s been frowned upon by many coaches that The Universe, spirit or soul isn’t real/useful/part of life.

And on the other side, we have the spiritual followers who mostly use the Universe as an excuse to do nothing.

I have to disagree with both of these approaches.

We have to blend the internal and external. The Newtonian with The Quantum.

The fastest and easiest way to begin with this daily practice is to create a Universe List.

This is your list to release all the things you want into the ether. Whether it’s a new contract, a VC coming on board or increasing your team, all of these go on your Universe List.

The thought and feeling behind each one are these two parts.

  1. XXX (the thing you want) or something better.
    This is the intention of the thing you want and the opportunity to receive to allow something even better in your life.

  2. Releasing the “how”.
    This part goes against everything we have been taught. “But how” we cry… how do I make it happen?!

And this is the magic.

Breathing into each one of your requests, listen to your intuition and ask this…

“What do I have to *do to meet you halfway?”

Your intuition will then allow you to receive the answers.

* Do/be/watch out for/lean into.

Eg. How do I sign a new client?

The answer back could be “go to that breakfast meeting you were thinking of going to”.

When I tell clients this, they’re sometimes a little confused.

They ask “isn’t this just the same as writing a list?”. It is but the magic comes from allowing answers to come to you instead of relying on past conditioning.

If you’ve always done something a certain way then you will get the same result.

But by allowing a pause in between asking what to do, you’re allowing new to answers to come to you.

The Law of Cause and Effect comes into play where you are co-creating the optimum conditions for what you want to show up.

In that pause, there is a feeling. That feeling is a magnet. Leaning into that feeling is what attracts what you want.

Does this sound familiar?
Has this happened to you before?

That’s the power of dreaming and listening to your intuition AND taking action to move towards what you want while in a state (feeling) of trust.

Now, this is a lot to take in all at once. There are a few moving parts to do this and it takes practice.

I’d love to guide you through your practice.

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