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It’s Monday – Attack the Day

Wow, is it something in the air today or is everyone in hustle mode? Most social media updates I’ve seen from my crazy entrepreneur friends are mostly about “yeah, it’s Monday, I’m in hustle mode”.

Well, good for you!

There seems something a little insincere about these posts. Almost like a fake determination to make shit happen even though they’re really not feeling it.

If I say it then it’s true.

Normally, Instagram is the hustle capital of the social media world with inspirational quotes and “fuck yeah” positivity but today, Facebook has stolen its crown.

A hive of activity all before 8am with lists of things to accomplish, how the day is set up down to the last minute and self reflection on how they’re gonna be more authentic.

What is it with people puking their productivity at us?

You don’t get a prize for what you’re gonna do, you get it when it’s done. And even then, no one really cares how productive you’ve been.

People are inherently selfish. They don’t look to you to show them how wonderful you’re gonna be. They look at how you make them feel.

A few years ago, there was a backlash from the eco warriors about something called Fast Fashion. The clothing lifecycle was going from being designed to landing in stores in two weeks. Then being bought, worn once and thrown into landfill. Cheap, flimsy, zero quality garment that looked good once then fell apart after one wash.

This is the state of social media right now. Fast Social.

From idea to page in minutes, being consumed once and archived, never to be visited again.

The endless churning of post after picture after video… why? For what purpose?

To stay top of mind?

To attract attention?

To stay current?

It’s endless.

And soulless.

The wheels have fallen off social media because our attention span has gone from minutes to moments. Our brain filters out information and ignores irrelevant posts.

We even go on a social media hiatus because of the constant bombardment.

What’s the alternative?

Well, it’s good old craft and creativity with a helping of feeling.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

– Maya Angelou


We don’t care what you’re saying, we care about how you make us feel.

Happy, intrigued, heartbroken, inspired, calm, safe, loved.

That is how you stay top of mind, always have people’s attention and stay current. With feeling.

Go about your work with quiet determination, conviction and passion.

Create a masterpiece of a day instead of a whirlwind of productivity.

Release your best work and put quality over quantity.

Be deliberate in your action and make us feel something.