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One of the best business decisions I ever made was to get an office. It seems completely counter intuitive when I want to be location independent but hear me out. ?

If you’re a freelancer/digital nomad then you need to get out of the house. Fact! ??

I’m not talking about just to a coffee shop, I’m on about to another place to work apart from your lounge or your bedroom. ?

It is so tempting to stay in your PJs and drink endless cups of tea while you dick about on FB. ☹️

Then you realise that a year has gone by, you’ve had some success but you’ve not moved closer to your goals and dreams. ?

That was me last year! I knew I had to get serious and I started looking for hot desks and office space. ?

Low and behold… Within weeks of starting to look, I had a conversation with a friend who was looking to fill a spot in her office. Boom! I jumped at the chance!! ??

Here’s why I did it ?

⚡️ Get out the house.
Oh I love my house but I was starting to hate it! The lines were getting blurred between work and play. I never switched off fully and I always had something to do.

When I want to chill, I purposefully leave my laptop at work and walk away. I may end up doing some writing anyway but it’s that physical barrier that makes me think twice about doing another hour of something. When I’m in my studio, I work. When I’m at home, I relax or I have the choice to work if I want to. ???

⚡️ See actual humans that I know and talk to.
Baristas become your friends and you start to feel a little awkward after having the same chit chat every day. “In here again?” ? Plus, the cash I was spending on coffee paid for an office anyway!!

⚡️ Expand my network.
Real life face time is precious. You can get a good feeling from people when you’re in the same room. For the first month of being in my office, I was alone (without my friend) but the guys upstairs made me feel so welcome. Those studio mates are now friends and have passed work to me. And I’d like to think that I’m actually useful by being there too! Win! ??

⚡️ Feel like you’re a real business.
A proper business address and a conference room. Luxury! ? You’ll start to act so much more professional and Clients will notice. Instant respect and probably more of the monies will come your way. ?

⚡️ This is the big one…
Invest in yourself, your business and your future even if you can’t afford it. Get serious about what you do. By investing cash into something, it’s a way of saying to yourself that you believe in you and your idea. ?

Now you don’t have to get an office to get serious. It could be as simple as buying a URL to start your next business or going all out and dropping £10k on a course. Whatever it is, invest and start.

The money you spend is a declaration of how serious you are about your future.

✨ What are you going to invest in today? ✨