How to release your FULL POTENTIAL as a QUANTUM LEADER

by | Business Strategy, Leadership, Mindset, Self-Care, Self-care & High Performance

How to release your FULL POTENTIAL as a QUANTUM LEADER

Business Strategy, Leadership, Mindset, Self-Care, Self-care & High Performance

From the desk of Carolynne Alexander, Torrox Costa, Spain

Date: 28th May 2020


I’m back in the city and back to working my face off to get what I want.

Ooooph, that’s a bit strong there Queenie, you wanna take it easy.

I’ve been scared of my own power since I was a kid. 

I knew like REALLY knew I had such potential (that’s what one of my teachers told me!). It was always just a case of accepting it and surrendering to it.


If I could wave my magic wand, that would be the thing I’d conjure up for every single human in the world. 

Have you ever seen a six-year-old having a shit fit because she wanted something so badly, she had a meant down?

Some observers would call her bossy but one or two would call her tenacious, driven, single-focused.

We laugh at kids like that. We call them difficult or stubborn. But really, they’re practising being AMBITIOUS.

They don’t want to settle for something, they go after what they want.

Ask yourself this… would you swap places with that little kid? The one who still has all that drive and stubbornness to get what they want.

OR would you like to be the adult who had buried their ambition, who’s taking life as it comes and allowing others to keep them down?

I was bullied as a kid cos my frenemies thought I was POSH. I was posh because I wanted more.

Love her or hate her but look at Victoria Beckham has done. She was the original posh girl and ambitious AF!

ALWAYS WANT MORE for yourself and for your life. If your friends don’t like it, don’t shrink… GET NEW FRIENDS. 

I want to remind you of that little kid and your ambition. Don’t be scared of it.

Repeat after me “I AM NOT MESSING ABOUT!”


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How to release your FULL POTENTIAL as a QUANTUM LEADER


Everything comes from a single decision. 

Quantum leaders are decision-making machines. They don’t sit and ponder all the possibilities endlessly. They take what they know, run it through their intuition and then the answer is given to them. 

When they decide to go ALL IN on their life, they DECIDE. 

Everything comes from that ONE decision.

Make that decision TODAY to never settle.


To go for what you want is going to cause a ruckus. 

There will be times of stress and hardship but those are the risks we are happy to take to go after what we want. Every opportunity to master stress is an experience to grow. 

Humans are designed to seek out the least amount of stress, it’s WHY we get stressed. However, the anxiousness we experience disappears after we’ve done something a few times. 

Do you want to blame your anxiety so you can stay where you are in life? Or do you want to expose yourself to a little more stress every day, conquer it and level up?

Quantum Leaders are always looking to level up knowing the risks and huge rewards.


Alignment is my word of the year. I fricken love the word!

I was so happy to get back to the city and my lovely handbags. Crazy, huh? But alignment is having a quality handbag that I love using, not a canvas beach bag! 

Alignment is moving away from things you don’t like or don’t serve you and loving towards things you LOVE.

Not just things but people, environments, ways of thinking, what you read. 

You an incrementally change your life day by day by examining everything in your world on a micro-level. While big decisions are powerful, small, daily decisions are what changes your life. 

What does alignment look like for you?

What can you move away from OR move towards TODAY?


Get comfortable making decisions that will make you an outsider.

Your family and your friends may not appreciate you wanting more. They will ask you “Why can’t you just be satisfied with what you have?” 

This is true leadership. To stand alone and be 100% ok with that. 

We’re not meant to be an outsider. To be an outsider would put you in danger back in prehistoric times. We can choose to stand apart and be comfortable with it because we KNOW we can handle anything. It’s all about flexing that stress muscle again. 

The more you do it, the more you can handle it. 


There is huge magic in how you think about yourself.

Your self-image is the roadmap to how you perform on a daily basis. If you see yourself as a powerful, confident human then you will act in accordance with that. Conversely, if you see yourself as unsure, quiet and timid then you will act in accordance with that image you have of yourself. 

Your subconscious is secretly driving the bus and it will either drive you to success or off a cliff!! How you talk to yourself and about yourself makes the difference. 

I can NOT stress how powerful your self-image is! 


Hey, you’re going after what you want and we’ve gotta be ok with falling short once in a while, ok? 

A “no” is just a redirection. A rejection is moving you more into alignment. 

  • Failure is disappointment in letting go of the possibility that could have been. 
  • Failure is a sign that you’re not ready or the world isn’t ready.
  • Failure is a message only for YOU. How cares if anyone is watching?

When you decide to be a comfortable outsider, you don’t even feel the failure anymore. 

It’s not a death sentence, it’s a feeling to be conquered and a message to be interpreted. It’s not going to change your self-image unless you allow it. You get to decide how it affects you, if at all!  


Do you follow Gala Darling on Instagram? She may not be to your taste however her running theme is about owning a psychedelic Lambo! She posts about it, she writes about it, she talks about it and y’know what? She will get it. 

Declaring what you want to people who support you is priceless. People and your environment will reflect back the best version of you without the crippling self-doubt we have in our own minds. 

Having a coach who sees your potential will level you up faster than relying on yourself. I’m currently looking for a coach myself because I know how powerful this is. 

Someone to witness you, your potential, your greatness is SO DAMN POWERFUL. 

Now, it’s over to you.

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