How to journal (PROPERLY) for maximum success as an Entrepreneur

I’m guessing you’re reading this for one of two reasons.

  1. You’re already journaling and not yet seeing the true benefits or results.
  2. You’re an Entrepreneur and curious about journalling cos you wanna succeed.

Well, you’re in the right place. This is one of the most in-depth articles I’ve written on journalling.

It’s an accumulation of testing and learning that’s happened over the last 30-odd years. Yes, I was journaling when I was in year 3 at school. We used to get asked to write about our weekend on a Monday morning. It was my favourite time of the week at school.

Remember the exercise books you used to get where there was a plain bit at the top and there were lines at the bottom? I loved those.

Back then, I was using journaling as a diary of what happened. My thoughts were centred around what had happened in the past.

That was until I was introduced to a technique by my year 4 teacher called “stream of consciousness” writing. She was a supply teacher so she loved going off-script. She also taught me cursive writing too. My love of journalling began there. Thanks, Mrs Wrigglesworth. I’m writing this for you.

Journalling comes in different flavours. We’ve seen that with my primary school version of this above.

  • We start writing a diary.
  • Then move to stream of consciousness writing.
  • Then, if we’re not careful, we go into the ranting part of journalling.
  • This is where we use our journal as a friend to rant and complain about how things are, what we’re frustrated by and what we’re going through.
  • Then we give up.

This is where you’re doing it all wrong. Most people think that is true journalling. It’s not, it’s like whinging to a friend who’s sick of your crap but listens anyway.

Digging into the past and the present is great but it will not push you forward.

In the end, we’re reaffirming what IS instead of exploring what COULD BE.

This is the KEY to journalling for maximum success as an entrepreneur.

Let’s get into it!

First of all, we need to choose our medium, analogue or digital. 

First up, digital.

There are massive benefits to going digital. Lightweight, portable, write anywhere, security, searchable… the list is endless. I have years of archived Evernote journals that I regularly refer back to. When choosing a journaling platform, ensure that security is built into it.

The whole point of journalling is to get the thoughts out of your head. Being safe in the knowledge that they’re protected gives you the freedom to write.

I use encryption, a VPN, fingerprint recognition and two-step authentication in Evernote which is pretty much bullet-proof. It would take some serious power to break into my journal. This gives me the freedom and peace of mind to write my innermost thoughts.

I use digital for the secret stuff!

However, there are is one big reason why I’m not entirely a fan of using digital for journalling.


Say what?

Typing is great but writing by hand is the key.

Here’s the science.

Writing things by hand improves memory recall. We’re programming your conscious brain to recall what you’ve written AND allowing it to go deeper into your subconscious by attaching feeling and imagination to it. More on that in a while.

You can check out the research here if you like. It’s fascinating.

This is the method that will accelerate you if you are disciplined enough to follow it.

Yes, this is a pretty long list, however, you should aim to do all of these. Journalling should be part of your day as much as exercising because it’s exercising your brain and your mind.

Let’s begin.


This is a fairly easy exercise. It brings you into the present moment.

Find three things in your world that you are grateful for. Gratitude is about what has happened and what is in your world NOW.

Try to pick three different things every day to really go deep into gratitude.


This is where the magic begins.

There is a subtle difference between gratitude and appreciation.

Gratitude is the past and present, appreciation is the future. What you appreciate, appreciates.

We’re going to use this exercise to raise your vibration to attract more of what you want. The world is based on vibration so how you feel dictates what you attract. We’re “Calling in the Awesome”. Project yourself into the future and daydream about what will make your day amazing, imagine the feeling, get yourself excited about what you want.

The appreciation I show is imagining the feeling of opening the door to a new group of CEOs coming to my villa for a retreat. It’s genuinely powerful stuff.

3. I AM

Remind yourself of who the fuck you are.

There is a powerful mind hack we can use to get us into state immediately that we can also use throughout our day to bring out the best in us.

It’s the power of DECIDING who we are.

Give yourself a title of BOSS or EXPERT and you will act as if you are that person. Now, there is some controversy around doing this, especially if you’re not who you say you are. Your brain will kick the idea out. You must BELIEVE you are.

This is particularly difficult for women because we genuinely don’t believe we are who we say we want to be.

However, there comes a day when you must DECIDE to be that person.

Write about being it NOW, not how you’re gonna be in future.

I AM is one of the most powerful things you can say to yourself. 

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Google “journaling prompts” and dig into some questions to expand your thinking. Ask questions that are going to push you and/or your business forward.

OR DOWNLOAD this article as a pdf EBook with FREE Journaling Prompts to go DEEP into your Intuition.

  1. Relax and breathe into the question. This is the time to ask your intuition for answers and creative downloads.
  2. Allow the answer to come to you – It’s more about your creativity, not strategy and the “how” you do it.


Schedule your Self Care for your own pure pleasure.

Life is for LIVING and enjoying.

There is a bloody awful habit that we entrepreneurs have. We think if we go through hell to get where we want to be, then the outcome will be worth it. I’ve done this and it burns you out.

There is magic in doing what you love. It’s called Flow State. It’s when we have the most energy, things align and magic happens. I’ve called this exercise Self-Care but it’s more than that. It’s about scheduling something you LOVE for your own pleasure.

Women… this is important!! It could be reading a book, having a quiet glass of wine, a few laps of the pool… whatever it is, schedule it.

Make time in your day just for you.


Free write about what’s on your mind.

Get deep but be aware of negative thought loops. This is where some people make the mistake of using their journal as a place to rant. Really, what you’re doing here is slowing down your thoughts enough to write them out and letting them flow out of you. Asking yourself questions like “what is my next action” and being honest is so powerful.

This is where you will get your best creative downloads after doing the previous exercises. Look for patterns and address them. If there is a recurring theme, then look deeper into it by asking “why”. This will get you to the root of the problem.



Take the time to look over entries from a few days ago.

I’m constantly revisiting old journal entries and things I’ve figured out. Highlight the good stuff. I use an asterisk, then go back with a highlighter to make the lessons stand out so I can revisit them.


Journaling is all about organising your thoughts, adding in feelings and taking action when you get creative downloads. I draw boxes next to my sentences when I need to take action. These come from a place of pure creation and soul so look out for those.

Draw a tick box next to them and then take action!

Your journal is like writing a manual on how to think like an Entrepreneur. It should serve you as a place to ponder your thoughts and empower you to take action.

THIS is where the power is for us, not in ranting and moaning about things to our poor journal.

Doing anything else is detrimental to our success. Everything in your environment is imposing upon you and when you write the book of you, you’re reprogramming your brain to think better. Do not underestimate the power in this.

Previously, I used to use my journal as a place to rant about what was crap about my life. The result… I kept going round in circles. The same thoughts and the same actions. This is NOT helpful or healthy.

You want to be using your journal as a tool for progress to create your future, not continually revisiting the past. 

Journalling is primarily a tool for self-awareness.

It is the gateway to beginning your journey into self-knowledge. Your brain is your most powerful tool and journalling enhances it.

The outcome of journalling is greater clarity, focus on what you want, addressing negative thought patterns, it increases your sense of self, assists with recording and actioning creative downloads and promotes well-being. What’s not to love?

Now you know how to do it properly as an entrepreneur, you’re gonna become UNSTOPPABLE.

Over to you… do you journal? What practices and exercises do you use? What journaling prompts do you have?

Big love,

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