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What the hell is that?

Imagine this…

You find yourself waking up on Sunday morning after a productive week and realise that you’ve produced more for your clients than you have for yourself.

No matter how hard you try, nothing seems to work.

It’s what Creative Rockstars suffer from when they get Empathy Fatigue.

Empathy Fatigue is when you’ve spent more time empathising with clients and their customers and not enough time tapping into your creativity.

Putting yourself in the position of clients and their customers can take a serious toll on you and your own creativity.

When you hire an experts, in what ever field, you’re renting their time, brain, experience and wisdom.

The time experts spend on projects is more than just pressing buttons or writing some words.

You get waaaaay more than that.

You’re asking them to step into the shoes of your customers.

How they think, their desires and fears, what drives them, what pushes them to take action…

In my case, I’m renting my brain out to empathise with your customers when I write your copy and build your website.

It takes so much energy and it wipes you out.

And here’s the solution.

Charge more so you can…

Do less (focus deeper and more fully without jumping from client to client) so you can give…

More of yourself.

Also… Create a new rule in you world.

No more favours, no more mates rates or five minutes to pick your brains.

None of that shit is free anymore, ok?

This applies to everyone who rents their brain out for clients.

Make sense?

Charge more – Do less – Be more creative!

Kick Empathy Fatigue in the nuts!!!