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“We wear approximately only a third of the clothes we own so where are we going wrong? How can we make the clothes we own work better for us?”

1. Buy Less, Cherish More — Sounds silly coming from a clothing brand but there’s a reason why this is number one. Remember an absolutely amazing garment you bought? It could be a pair of jeans, a jacket or a pair of shoes. Oh how you loved them… Well how about having a wardrobe of amazing garments what make you feel like that? How about buying something that makes you feel good and not just another dress to wear on Friday night.

2. Buy British — Keep manufacturing and making alive in Britain and care about the makers and the manufacturers. We’re a crazy little island with a big history of making stuff so help keep traditions alive.

3. Buy Once, Buy Quality! — Yep, keep your money for a investing in a piece that you know will last. The cost pair wear could work out as pennies for a more expensive garment that could last you for years.

4. Have a Style/Uniform — Keep it simple — Do you have a style of dress that you feel comfortable in then think about making it a simple uniform. Mine is a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and a jacket.

5. Find a Cobbler or do it yourself — High heels wear out and they can be repaired really easily. This is a shameless plug for The Little Cobbler. If you don’t fancy doing it yourself then get yourself a Cobbler. They can fix pretty much any shoe or boot disaster.

6. Keep it simple — Now we can’t go around falling in love with that yellow bag if you don’t have the outfit to go with it! If you have an outfit to match it then crack on but be careful with impulse purchases.

7. Find a Tailor — Alterations to make them fit aren’t just for the wealthy. Get creative with what you have. Turn trousers into shorts or a dress into a skirt.

8. Go Bespoke — Got an idea for the perfect outfit then go and get it make especially for you.

9. Give your clothes away — Make a real difference to an individual and give your old clothes to a homeless organisation.

10. Buy (and Sell) Secondhand — There are some absolute bargains on EBay if you know what you’re looking for and often they’ve only been worn once or twice. Same goes for your old clothes!
AND find your local Dress Agency and get to know the owner — They’ll keep pieces for you and also, get some money for your own clothes.

11. Check the Fabric — Look for organic cotton, Tencel or Bamboo fabrics. Natural fabrics often perform better than their more “manufactured” counterparts. And they smell less too!

12. Avoid Fast Fashion Retailers — You know who they are 😉 Don’t support it. Simple as that.

And finally…

13. Learn how to sew! — There are hundreds of tutorials on Youtube for pretty much everything you can imagine. Sewing on a button takes five minutes for a beginner so stop putting off repairing your shirt. It’s easier than you think.

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