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When things go sideways and you’re having a bad time, ultimately, your body wants to feel better.

Humans are designed to move away from pain and into pleasure for as much time as possible.

  • Hunger pains, go and eat.
  • Feeling too cold, put a jumper on.
  • Feeling lost and lonely, reach out to someone.

When we’re in a funk, it’s so damn hard to work this out. I know this feeling. It happened to me this morning!

Feeling something, positive or negative, is a signal to change.

That change is where the power lies.

Recognising the pain you feel is a signal and an action has to follow it to take you away from pain.

The idea is not to dull the pain with alcohol, food, drugs etc., but take it as an indication that something isn’t quite right.

Every feeling you have is a signal. How you react is your power.

It’s not easy. Many fade away and numb the pain. But to recognise the feeling as a signal is huge step forward in getting what you want out of life.

Feel the pain, know it’s an invitation to change then take action.

What did you feel today and how did it make you take action?