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Dear Thinking,

I love you and I always will. You’ve got me into and out of some tight spots and I’m forever grateful.

You’ve helped me build businesses, figured out my stories, been an amazing pass time but now, we need to go our separate ways.

I’ll still come and visit once in a while to check in on you. I’m not abandoning you completely. However, I know the addiction has to stop.

My visits to you will be supervised by my Higher Self. That way, I can grab endless thinking loops and stop them before I disappear down a rabbit hole.

The thing is, I am addicted to you. I mistakenly think (ha!) that Thinking is productive and problem solving is useful. But to do it all the time, well, it’s worn me out.

I’m tired of you and your endless loops of strategising and planning and wondering and figuring out. You’re not helpful unless I’m in a position to do something with the thinking. And that’s what’s got to stop.

From now on, I’ll visit you as productive source of inspiration and guidance in the moment, not just as a distraction or an excuse for inaction.

“I’m thinking” isn’t useful unless there is an outcome.

I guess what I’m saying is that if we’re ever gonna be together again, I have to ask better questions at the correct time and put you to work for me instead of being a slave to you.

And that’s what I have become. A slave to thinking.

Never again.

Big love,