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Be the lighthouse.

I hear your internal scream when you want it all and you seemingly can’t have it.

You want to be pinned down in the bedroom, not in life.

You want your ultimate freedom but with an anchor to grab hold of in a storm.

You want to be impressed by a person’s character more than their stuff.

You want to feel free and wanted all at the same time.

You want to hear “yes, do it” and the follow up of real support from your cheerleaders.

You want the mind games to stop and the truth be more powerful than a fuck boy text message.

You want to feel protected and yet walk alone.

You want your own space, time and energy and for it never to be taken.

You want to receive without being put upon.

You want gentle and tender then uncontrollable passion.

You want to lead and also be lead.

You want your wayward spiritual practice to be treated with respect as much as an organized religion.

You want to follow the rhythm of the moon and the stars not the Industrial Revolution 9–5 working hours.

You want every day to feel like a holiday not settle for a two week window of fun and freedom.

You want your soul sisters and brothers to ease you through your pain not recommend you pop a pill.

You want to be open and vulnerable without it being called “drama”.

You want to be strong and capable without the stigma of being a hard woman.

You want your body to be a weapon of creation not an object of constant temptation.

You want to wear pink and black and leather and lace and heels and army boots.

You want to be seen and heard without screaming and your vibe to do the work.

You want to smile at a guy and for him to accept it as an invitation not a done deal.

You want the noise to stop but the energy and buzz of life to endlessly run through you.

You want it ALL.

You know the world to be different and you know deep down you can have that.

You know that your reality can be created in the blink of an eye.

You know you hold all the cards in life and no-one can take them.

You know you’re worth more and you’re going after it.

You know that one decision is all it takes.

You are here for an experience not just a life.

You are here to desire what the hell you want.

You are here to be loved by you.

You are here to create.

You are fucking awesome.