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That’s what Darwin was kinda saying when he wrote, “On the Origin of Species”.

Darwin could have been studying the behaviour of online businesses and said the same thing.

Evolve and go with the tide or try and stay where you are… and you’ll get stuck.

I’ve worked in massive, behemoth companies who are the slowest of the slow to change their ways and adapt new technology.

Last I heard, one was trialling Yammer… about five years after it’s peak.

As a small business, you have something they don’t have.


Want to try a new social network, sign up and give it a go.

Massive Company Inc…. well… I won’t bore you with the details but it takes 18 months to change a printer.

If it flies, keep going. If it dies, move on.

My point is this…

You can out manoeuvre and adapt faster the largest corporations.

You will beat them AND your competition.

If you know *how* to evolve and you do it *fast* enough.

— –

Now, to take my own medicine…

I’ve stupidly been sitting on something (oh er!) for awhile now and it’s time to release it.

It’s not ready, it’s not perfect and that’s the beauty of it.

I’m going first to show how to get something to market faster than I’ve ever done it before.

I have (half) a plan, I have a manifesto and I have guts.

I also have a few things that you as a business owner would benefit from knowing.

It’s called Fanoconomy and it’s the New Rules for the Relationship Economy.

Evolve or Die… Evolve or Die ???