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Happy Sunday!

At midnight tonight, I’m giving up the following;

  • Sugar
  • Wheat (CAKE!)
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol
  • People who offer me cake when they know I’m on a diet.

This idea came about when I started tracking my food, energy, and productivity in my Self Journal for a couple of weeks.

I found that I was only managing to be productive for two hours a day. And this was not for the lack of trying either. The evidence was showing me that when I ate wheat, I slumped two hours afterwards and having dairy was making me breathless. Plus, sugar was making my brain foggy and alcohol was putting me out of action for 24 hours after I drank it. BLUGH!

Time to change things.

A few years ago I decided to get my health on track for a beach wedding I was going to (think bridesmaids dress and a week in a bikini!) and I asked people to support me in losing weight. The request was “don’t offer me cake when you know I’m on a diet”. Simple. It worked and I lost three stone. Win!

This weekend, I did the same thing. I let people know how important it was for me to give up all of these things for six months to regain my health. Easy.

I went one step further. I also asked for those same people to get out of the way of my Entrepreneurial journey and to support my decisions. Harsh but there is a reason.

I’ve found that it’s exactly the same for Entrepreneurship, running a marathon or getting a Masters — People will either help you or hinder you.

You ask for support and the people who put roadblocks in the way are the ones you leave behind.

I’m using “Giving up shit” to weed out the people in my life who are going to want to stop me from succeeding at life.

Here’s the science.

Humans are scared of change. It’s hardwired into us. Changing and adapting are hard work. Therefore, humans want to protect the status quo at all costs. Humans will plot and scheme to keep you the same, keep society the same, and keep the current state of affairs running to benefit them. Even if the status quo is shitty!

You see, humans who want to change are a threat to those who want to keep things ticking over the same as they always were.

Humans will plot and scheme to keep you the same and those are the ones you must say goodbye to.

People who offer you cake when they know you’re on a diet are protecting their interests and not yours. If you get fit and healthy, it makes them look bad. Boo hoo, bye bye!

People who try to steer you away from progress and your mission are scared to step up and change their lives. Toodle pip and off you fuck.

So this little experiment in change is a line in the sand to start taking my health and my life very, very seriously. I’m shit scared and I know that I have to burn bridges but they will light my way.

At midnight, it all changes.

We get a finite time on this planet to make a difference. The shortest distance between where you are now and where you want to be is a straight line. Don’t bend it for anyone… Or cake.

Carolynne Alexander is a battle-hardened web designer and business Mistress for female entrepreneurs who are more about working on their business instead of in their business.
 As a recovering Fortune 500 employee, she realised that “business as usual” was killing her soul so she flipped the bird, moon-walked outta there, and went back to building stuff.
And when she’s not knee deep in Squarespace, you’ll find her serving up a Dose of Realness about entrepreneurship over at

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