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Day Three – A Working Title

I have a dilemma. Do I write something half arsed or do I fail at my discipline challenge on day three?

I’m tilting towards deleting this post, forgetting all about it and pretend I didn’t say I was gonna do this.

That’s the easy route obviously but this is a challenge in discipline. So it’s time to get creative.

My challenge was to write, walk and meditate for the next 30 days and I bet you can guess which I’ve done today.

Leaving writing.

The action of stringing words together into meaning.

Or is it?

Writing is the action we all post on our to do list but writing isn’t the real action. It’s the cause.

And the effect is the impact.

Take what you do for a living. I run a business. Fair enough. That’s the cause.

Let’s turn it on it’s head.

I champion and cheerlead female business owners and right now I’m doing that through writing. That’s the effect.

Impacting female business owners is the effect to focus upon. Not the cause of writing. Doh!

Now that sounds and feels so much better.

We can all get caught up in the doing of the action but we tend to forget the reason why we’re doing it.

For example, connect with likeminded people online becomes do social media. It’s just another action and it lacks so much feeling.

So the next time you have an action transform it into the affect you want to make.