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To compensate is to offset (or conceal) a psychological or physical difficulty by developing in another direction.

To compromise is to allow your environment impose upon you and for you to come up with the best plan of action within those boundaries by making concessions.

Compensation in a business is to carry the weakest member of the company because, even though they aren’t as fast in some areas, they are still necessary to the grand plan.

Compromise is to make decisions based on your current staffing abilities and if you have a weaker member of staff then they will impose their weaknesses on the rest of the company.

Compensation is to forgive an ailing body part and the rest of the body strengthens to continue the race.

Compromise is to stop racing and take up something less strenuous so you can remain active.

Compensation in life is to forgive a friend when they have their one or two quirks and on the whole, they’re a decent guy or girl in other parts of their life.

Compromise in life is to allow a friend to act like a dick and still have them around because they’re a “friend”.

Think about it.

What is a compromise and what is compensation in your life?